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Random Online Fun

I’ve mentioned my love for Metafilter before, and I’ll mention it again.  🙂

Here are some fun items I’ve run across in my catch-up from the last few weeks:

40 Things that will make you feel old.  No, really, this is a different list!  The Macarena is 16 years old!

Living in 258 square feet.  Pretty smart, actually, and I’m considering doing a dining table like his.  Also, I have one of those Carrefour bags that he pulls out 5:30 in!

Sci-Fi movies with Ikea instructions.  Gave me a good giggle.

And finally, for your viewing pleasure:  Pendulum waves.  Puts the Bellagio Fountain to shame:

You Should Have Seen This

My friend sent me this link today, and I may spend way too much time on it over the next week or so.  It’s basically a list of the top viral videos and websites on the internet.  (Actual Name:  Greg Rutter’s definitive list of the 99 things you should have already experienced on the internet unless you’re a loser or old or something.)

Is it wrong that I laughed at the grape stomping?

Charlie wouldn’t bite you if you didn’t put your finger in his mouth.

Chocolate rain was boring.

And dancing baby?  Really?  Still in the top 5?

Of course, postsecret is number 5 – which reminds me, I didn’t even look at it this week!  Obviously I was not an online fool this weekend…

So, out of the top 5, I know 2 of them.  I guess I’m a loser.  Or old.  Or something.


I woke up with a headache this morning – not so unusual for me, unfortunately.  (No I was not hung over, I didn’t have anything to drink last night, TYVM.)  Anyway, I got up, drank some water, popped some Excedrin, and sat up on the couch in the dark, as that’s the only way it’s going to go away – years of experience has taught me this. 

But the entire time, this song was stuck in my head:

And all I really know is the chorus (and not that well, as it turns out), so for two hours I sang “There’s only one way to say those three words for yoooooooouuuuuuuu, I love you.”  And that’s it, because that’s all I really know.  For two hours.  The same line.  For two hours.  (I still have a headache, but I had to get up because I was getting sick of that one line.)

I always thought this song sounded like it should have been on the Juno soundtrack.

Deal Breakers

I’m doing an exercise where I’m listing out my deal breakers.  Don’t play dumb, you know what I’m talking about – those things that a man (or woman) might do that leave a bad taste in your mouth (if your deal breaker is bad breath, that’s literally).

So I’m working through my list, and I know I’m forgetting some things.  So I turn to the internet for inspiration.  And you know what?  There’s surprisingly few good lists out there.

Here’s a good article.  He opens the door to a restaurants and walks in ahead of you: Definite deal breaker.  He sings out of tune:  who cares?  A fanny pack:  deal breaker.

Here’s a message board.  Oh – owning Michael Bolton CD’s: that might be a deal breaker.

It’s been a popular topic on Yahoo Answers.  I think my favorite answer comes from Jewel, who says her deal breaker is “DEATH.”

And then I found this.

One of my deal breakers are scary eyes – you know, eyes that just make you think:  “Psycho!”  Another:  someone who is skinnier than me.  If he can fit in my jeans, he’s out.

So, what’s your deal breaker???