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Myrtle Beach

I went to Myrtle Beach this week, a vacation I had planned well before I got laid off.  I was looking forward to it, to the relaxation of the ocean.  Of course, it was overcast both full days I was there, and sunny the day I got in and the day I left, but I love the beach anytime, cold, warm, dry or wet.  Actually, it’s better cold and wet, because there are fewer people out there.  You can stand at the waters edge, look out at the waves rolling in, and imagine it’s just you and the ocean.

Of course, when it rains while you’re walking on the beach, and you’re still half a mile from your hotel, it really is just you and the water.

And I am very much a water person, so I was a happy camper.

The drive is always…interesting.  I always get lost, and this time was no exception.  Question:  if you see a road sign that says “Darlington- that way,” and you drive that way and come to a T in the road, shouldn’t there be another sign saying, “Darlington- that way”?  Grrrrrr.