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My friend sent around a compilation of BBC Walk on the Wild Side videos, which feature animals in the wild “talking.”  I couldn’t find the compilation on youtube, but here are some videos from the show, all funny!

Night time…..DAYTIME!

Move! Move! Move!  Move! MoveMoveMoveMoveMoveMove…

Do that thing where you fart through your head.


I love Simon’s Cat!


There’s some funny sh*t on the internet!

Feng Shui of the Penis, including the fact that boxer shorts are so much better for good ch’i than briefs (no surprise there!), and advising men not to masturbate directly at a mirror, “as this could reflect your burst of ch’i straight back at you, exploding your penis.”  (Thanks to izziedarling for posting this one!)

Of course, there’s izziedarling herself, who cracked me up with her Dear John post.  “You are free to walk about the plane….  Wear a parachute in case you fall off the edge.  On second thought, leave the parachute at home.  Karma’s going to bite you in the ass no matter what.”  Loved that whole bit…for obvious reasons. 

Online dating is a funny, funny, thing.  It provides a wealth of humorous stories, most of which friends who have never done online dating would never believe.  I’ve wanted to post far more than I have about the stuff I’ve encountered, but I also feel kind of bad for making fun of some of these men.  Enter wooingthesnark.  Corroboration for my assertion that I cannot make this shit up.

This video was posted by a friend of mine on FB.  Lovely video, this elephant seal totally loves this human.  The funny bit comes around 1:10 in – watch the penguin in the upper left corner.  If we have things called “photo bombs,” where someone in the background completely steals away from the photo, could this be classified as “Home Video Bomb?”

You Should Have Seen This

My friend sent me this link today, and I may spend way too much time on it over the next week or so.  It’s basically a list of the top viral videos and websites on the internet.  (Actual Name:  Greg Rutter’s definitive list of the 99 things you should have already experienced on the internet unless you’re a loser or old or something.)

Is it wrong that I laughed at the grape stomping?

Charlie wouldn’t bite you if you didn’t put your finger in his mouth.

Chocolate rain was boring.

And dancing baby?  Really?  Still in the top 5?

Of course, postsecret is number 5 – which reminds me, I didn’t even look at it this week!  Obviously I was not an online fool this weekend…

So, out of the top 5, I know 2 of them.  I guess I’m a loser.  Or old.  Or something.

PostSecret Event

I went to the PostSecret event last night at UNCC.  It was really great, and Frank Warren is a pretty cool guy.  The presentation started with a clip from The All-American Rejects video for Dirty Little Secret – I had no idea they had incorporated PostSecret into the video, but now it makes perfect sense.  Frank said they offered him $1000 to use the postcards in the background, but Frank asked them to make a $2000 donation to the Hope Line, instead.  He read a couple of secrets aloud, and went over how the project started, and what it has meant to so many people.  He had a presentation of postcards that the publisher wouldn’t allow in the book, either because of copyright issues (like the secret written on a syndicated comic strip) or because of the graphic nature of some of them.  There was one that they think was written on a page from a Disney coloring book, and the lawyer said they couldn’t include that because, “Mickey Mouse will sue your a$$.”  As on the website, some secrets are laugh out loud funny, some are so sad you’re reduced to tears, and some hit a nerve in you that you didn’t know you had.  There’s usually at least one every Sunday that I wonder if I wrote unconsciously.  

Some “brave souls” got up to share their secrets at the event via microphone.  I use quotes because I can’t actually decide what I think of these people.  In my more optimistic moments, I do think they are brave, to get up and share like that in a room full of strangers.  But in my less optimistic moments, I wonder if they’re just trying to get attention or garner sympathy.  Because, most of the auditorium was filled with college-aged kids – my friends and I looked around and realized that we are not necessarily the target demographic, if PostSecret has such a thing – and a lot of college-aged kids, especially these days, are a bit…melodramatic.  Frank even said that he’s been called out for PostSecret being narcissistic, and I think that in some instances, that’s definitely true.  

The idea behind sending your secret in is that, in writing it down and “releasing it,” it has no more hold on you. I’ve always considered sending a secret in, but (this is going to sound so sad) I don’t think I have a secret that’s interesting enough.  And, to be honest, most of my secrets are a secret even to me.  I’m really good at pushing those deep dark things into corners of my mind and forgetting they exist.  But last night, I thought of one.  One that’s been with me for a while.  But I won’t write it down, I won’t “release” it, because no good can come of it.  If I were to actually write it down, the first thing I would do is throw up.  And then, that secret would eat at me even more than it does now, because at that point I wouldn’t be able to let it go.  But for right now, it’s in a deep dark corner in my mind.