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Single: A Four Letter Word (via My Life With Freckles)

So, My Life With Freckles (could be me!) commented on my post 35 and Single, which led me back to her blog. My favorite line in this post: “Us single girls in our thirties should not be treated like designer jeans that are now sold at T.J. Maxx because the company made too many. We are still designer jeans.”

While I completely agree, and am whole-heartedly in the “Just because I’m single doesn’t mean I’m a bad person” club, it’s hard to remember sometimes. It’s a whole head v. heart thing. Your head says, “Don’t worry, you’re better off this way.” But your heart has memory lapses and is prone to fits of self-pity. Unfortunate human condition…

Single: A Four Letter Word   There was an older woman who attended the church I grew up at who by every definition was an “Old Maid” or a “Spinster”.  When I was in the 6th grade she came to talk to my Girl Scout group about her life. We asked her why she never had gotten married and her answer has always stuck with me. Ok, it kind of haunts me.  She said that when she was a young girl, she would play Post Office with her friends. Boys would send her letters but she w … Read More

via My Life With Freckles

35 and Single

Stop counting.  You’re right – I’m not 35.  But I’m getting close. (Channeling When Harry Met Sally:  “I’m gonna be 40!”  “When?”  “Someday!”)

 There was a discussion on the radio the other day about which is worse/scarrier/more of a red flag:  a 35 year old single man, or a 35 year old single woman.  Hmmmm……

 Evidently, if a woman is 35, pretty, smart, and single, with a good job, good friends, and a good outlook on life, “chances are, something is wrong with her.”

But I thought 35 was the new 25?