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Discovering New Things

I met a guy a few years ago, a cartographer. He seemed somewhat impressed when I knew that he made maps. I remember thinking at the time, is there really a need for cartographers anymore?

It amazes me that things are still being discovered. Antiquities, species, native tribes. You would think that, as much as we have marauded the world, there would be nothing left to discover.

September 7th: “An archaeological dig in Jerusalem has turned up a 3700-year-old wall…” A 26-foot tall, 79-foot long wall of cut stones, with boulders as large as 5 tons.

Again, September 7th: “A team of scientists…found more than 40 previously unidentified species.”  I love the quote from the guy who headed the expedition:  “…it is clearly time we pulled our finger out and decided these habitats are worth us saving.”  Is it just me, or do you think there are a couple of words missing between “finger out” and “and decided.”  (Those words are “our ass,” BTW.)

Last year they found an “uncontacted tribe” in Brazil, and come to find out there are “more than 100 uncontacted tribes” in the world today.

Every time there is a new discovery, I think, that’s it, there’s nothing left to discover. Surely there is not one inch of the earth’s surface that we haven’t covered. Right?