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Dear Chantal O. (Executive Assistant, Seatte WA)

You do not speak on behalf of every woman in America.

Granted, I did not watch Brad Womack’s original season, but I have never had anything but respect for his decision.  Is it better to propose to a woman and then not go through with it, or be honest and say, up front, that you’re not ready?

I prefer honesty, TYVM.

The Amazing Race, Episode 11

We’re still in Prague.  We get a brief recap of the season (and I’m totally calling BS at this point, for the first time in Race History – more on that later), and we are off to Vegas, Baby!

Briefly…if you’ll remember from the last episode, there was a 2 hour time difference between the 1st team to leave the pit stop (Megan & Cheyne) and the last team (Brian & Ericka).  They are still in first and last place, respectively, but there is now a 4 hour time difference.  Granted, Brian & Ericka had that speedbump, but that couldn’t have taken but an extra half hour.  I think it shows what great racers Megan & Cheyne really are.  Of course, the time doesn’t mean crap, because I’m sure all three teams will be on the same flight to Vegas, but…I’m just saying.

It looks like the teams were all super smart this time.  They’ve lightened their load and are carrying the smallest amount of things that they can.  The big backs are gone, and it is ON.

Roadblock – who’s ready to climb down the mountain?  I’ll do it.  One team member must do a face-first rappel 62 stories.  Easy-peasy.


Heh.  Cheyne did the entire rappel with his eyes closed. 

Most of the tasks were kind of meh – nothing incredibly exciting, nothing that anyone could really do different.  All three teams stuck pretty close together.  More Sam and Dan bickering – GOD I can’t wait until they are off my tv.

All three teams are waiting to find out if they correctly counted out $1M in casino chips.  Megan & Cheyne got it correct.  The other two teams did not.  Sam & Dan get it next.  Brian & Ericka are wrong again.

And it’s Cheyne & Megan!  Big surprise there – they’ve rocked it the entire time. 

Sam & Dan are second.  Pricks.

Brian & Ericka are third. 

Until next season…

The Amazing Race, Episode 10

For some reason, I was completely exhausted last week, and didn’t watch The Race.  And I haven’t had an opportunity to watch it until now.  But that means I get two episodes in a row!  Yippee!

We start out in Prague.  (Have I mentioned how jealous I am?)  Megan & Cheyne leave first, and they really seem to be the team to beat.  What’s funny is that no one seems concerned about them.

Roadblock:  “In order to obtain the impossible one must attempt the absurd.”  Well, that may be the longest clue ever.  I’ll do it.  One person must enter the buerocratic word of kafka-esque.  The team member must search for five ringing phones among dozens that have a person on the other end.  They will be given 5 letters, which they need to unscramble.  The letters are A-F-Z-R-N.  Can you figure it out? 

Ha – Sam telling Dan not to get frustrated on the roadblock – that’s pretty humorous.  Dan is the biggest drama queen in The Race.

There was a two hour difference from first to last team, and the last team has a speedbump. 

Oh, my.  teams but strip to their skivvies and enter a cryo chamber.  Two minutes in -180 Celsius.  That’s cold as HELL.  Good god. 

Cheyne just used the word gnarly.  What year is this?

There was a two hour time difference from the first team to the last, and Brian & Ericka have a speed bump.  The team must go to a bar and prepare and drink absinthe.  Ick.  I’m not an absinthe fan.  But at least this speedbump, like the last one, is pretty quick.  Brian makes a point though – he doesn’t drink alcohol.  I don’t know why, but what if he’s an alcoholic?  I don’t know that it was a great speedbump.  But they get through it pretty quick, and now they’re off to the Roadblock.

And once again, Dan shows that he’s a complete ASS.  After working with Big Easy to get the word Franz, both of them taking turns with different letter combinations, Dan manages to get it, and when Big Easy asks what it is, Dan says, “It starts with the letter F, that’s all I’m saying.”  If I were Big Easy, I would knock him on his ass.  Fucker.  And he knows it. 

Detour:  Legend or Lager.  In Legend, teams will build a gullum, made out of straw and clay, and transport the figure across town.  In Lager, teams must carry 30 beers across the town square and deliver to soccer fans in a bar.  Um, yeah, The Pilot and I will be doing Lager.  No doubt.

The Globetrotters end up taking a penalty instead of finishing the roadblock, giving them a 4 hour penalty until they can resume the race.  I don’t know that it was a smart move.  I mean, all the teams have passed you at this point, so you know you’re in last place.  You have no idea what’s ahead.  You think unscrambling 5 letters would take longer than 4 hours?  Although, evidently, Big Easy has already been at it for over 2 hours. 

First place – Megan & Cheyne.  Shock!

You know, as much as I actually like Sam & Dan at the beginning of The Race, I HATE them now.  They are SOOOOOO aggravating!  And, actually, I think it’s mostly Dan that pisses me off.

Brian & Ericka seemed to have a hard time with the beer task, but I still believe it’s the better task.  That gullum thing was obviously heavy as hell, and they had to pull it further than you had to transport the beer.

Sam and Dan broke their gullums arm at the very beginning.  I am WAITING for the rabbi to tell them they have to redo it.  I will LAUGH.    Ugh – he let them have it.  dammit.

Sam & Dan are number 2.

Brian & Ericka are number 3.

The Globetrotters are stopped before they go into the cryo chamber and sent to the next pit stop.  They’re out.  At least they had fun with it.

The Amazing Race, Episode 9

4 teams left.  Man, this season is going fast.  They always do, though. I love the show so much, I want it on all the time.  If they had an Amazing Race Channel, it would probably be enough to make me pay for extended cable again.  It satisfies my desire to see the world at the same time as it stokes it.  It feeds the craving, while making me crave more. 

It’s crack!!

Off to Prague.  I am so jealous.  Prague is definitely top 10, maybe even top 5. 

Oy.  “Prague?  Do they speak Spanish there?”  “No, it’s a country!”  You could tell the second guy was thinking, dumbass.  Yeah, pot, meet kettle.

The teams are really, really close together starting out – there’s only 22 minutes between the first team and the last team leaving the pitstop.  I don’t remember time being so tight leaving the pitstop before.

Brian and Ericka took a risk and followed some advice from people on the plane.  They were told the subway was the quickest way to get where they were going.  They took a bus to the subway, while all the other teams took cabs to their next clue.  It was a gamble to take the subway, and it didn’t pay off.  But I would have probably chosen the same option.  If a local tells you this way is quicker, then it ‘s probably quicker.  …But not in this case.

Detour:  Fast or Slow.  In Fast, teams must kayak/raft a course and grab a ribbon with their next clue.  If they tip, they have to start over.  In Slow, teams have to pull themselves along a ropes course.  Hmmm….I think The Pilot and I could do either.  I’m sure the rapids were only a class II or III.  But the ropes course would definitely be easy.

The brothers did Fast, and both Megan & Cheyne and the Globetrotters did the ropes course before the brother tipped the third time.  I didn’t realize I didn’t like the brothers, or maybe it’s just that they were both being whiny b*tches tonight, but I was clapping each time they tipped over.  It was fun to watch. 🙂  They ended up switching to Slow.

Megan and Cheyne end up getting in an argument about working with the Globetrotters.  They decided to tell them what they had learned (that the tram was the quickest way to get to the next clue), since they knew the Globetrotters were going to follow them, anyways.  Then Megan got directions from a local, and Cheyne grabbed a taxi that was driving by.  They ended up taking the taxi, and Megan was upset because they had told the Globetrotters they would work with them, and she told Cheyne he was being rude.  Cheyne’s take:  we’re in a race, they could have grabbed a taxi just as easily.  Personally, I’m on Cheyne’s side on this one.

Roadblock:  Who can remain composed under pressure?  Oooooo…..  I’ll take this one.  You have to search through the 600 seats in a theater for a miniature mandolin.  Psh.  600 seats, no problem.  Better than a football stadium, as they’ve done in past seasons.

(Damn Folgers Coffee commercial is making me cry.  The one where the guy comes home (I think from the military) and he brings his little sister a gift, and she takes the bow on the present and puts it on him and says, “You’re my gift.”)

The Brothers stole Brian & Ericka’s taxi – far worse than what Cheyne did to the Globetrotters.  I hope Karma comes back to bite them in the ass.

Prague Castle.  The largest ancient castle in the world.  Did I mention I was jealous?

Megan and Cheyne come in first, again.  They are smokin’

Top Three is set.  Brian & Ericka are out.  Was it because of the stolen taxi?  Maybe.  They may have had a shot if the brothers had to wait for a taxi to be called.  But, we’ll never know.


I totally did not see that coming.  AWESOME!

Can’t wait for next week!  🙂

The Amazing Race, Episode 8

5 teams remain.  Who will be eliminated…NEXT?

Stockholm, Sweden.  Birthplace of “Super Group Abba.” 

Off to Estonia.  Huh – I don’t know much about Estonia.  There’s a “Brotherhood of the Blackheads” there.  Now you know.  And the two hour head start the globetrotters had are completely negated by a 12 hour wait for a ferry.  Yikes.  And a 16 hour ferry trip.  Double Yikes!

Roadblock:  (I hate it when they describe the roadblock before giving the “hint” that the racers get.  How am I supposed to say who would take it if we were on the race?  “Who can solve a menial mystery?”  I need to do a roadblock, so I’ll do it.

The Brotherhood of the Blackheads is a secret society of merchants that has existed for at least 600 years.  The roadblock person must descend to the cellar, find a candelabra, find a room, and find the invisible clue on a scroll. 

Gary & Matt need to do a speed bump – but they’re not super far behind anyone, so it’s not that bad.  And they need to take a 5 minute sauna.  Kind of a silly speed bump, I think.  Although – a sauna bus?  Is that kind of like a relaxi-taxi?  And Matt was sitting next to this beautiful woman, dressed in nothing but a towel.  I think he enjoyed it a little.

And then…Matt doesn’t know what a candelabra is.  Ah, he’s pretty.

Detour:  Serve or Sling.  In Serve, teams play volleyball in a bog.  In Sling, teams use a sling shot to fire veggies at a target.  Hmm – I think Sling.

Poor Matt & Gary – it’s just one mistake after another.  I dont have high hopes.

For some reason, the brothers had their groin areas blurred out – are they flashing everyone????  One brother was wearing his boxer briefs, so I could see if maybe there was a peek through the hole.  But the other brother was wearing khaki shorts!  Seriously, what were they blurring?!

Okay the Globetrotters were getting on my nerves all episode, and it was getting worse and worse.  Then “Elbow-Gate” happened.  The brothers were running for the pit stop.  The Globetrotters were behind them.  They were on this boardwalk, and the Globetrotters tried to outrun the brothers, and something happened where one of the Globetrotters and one of the brothers went down.  The Globetrotter said the brother threw an elbow.  The brother said he didn’t.  I watched it in slo-mo, and I gotta say – I don’t see an elbow.  Then the bigger Globetrotter says, “I’m 6’10”, 260, so….”  Kind of sounds like a threat.  I don’t like it. 

Father and Son are eliminated, thanks to a lot of mistakes, I think.  I don’t think the speed bump did anything, as there was still a team at the Roadblock when they got there.  They could have pulled it out.  And Matt will never forget what a candelabra is, ever again.

Next week, on TAR – Prague!  And the beauty queen is going for the jugular!

The Amazing Race, Episode 7

I need to start doing some roadblocks – I think The Pilot is up to 4, and I have one, and the first was rockpaperscissors.  I already know what the roadblock is tonight, and I would know what it is if I was on the race, because I saw Kristy & Lena lose to those darn hay bales the first time around.  So I know that I would do this roadblock.

Off to Stockholm.  I didn’t realize we were already down to 5 teams.  This will probably be a non-elimination leg.  It’ll be this one or next one.

One member of each team must ride the “drop” ride.  This doesn’t seem to be a roadblock.  I love roller coasters, so I wouldn’t mind doing this one at all.  The first two teams have the right idea – work together to find the clue that you can only see at the top.  At this point, you’re the first two teams, so it’s the smart play.

Oh, and it’s time for the Travelocity Roaming Gnome.  I can’t decide if I like the extremely blatant product placement or not.  I mean, it’s rampant on the race, but the gnome is the primest example.

Detour:  Nobel Dynamite, or Viking Alphabet.  Blow stuff up or decoding a message.  Something tells me we’ll be blowing stuff up.  Because, afterall, there’s a boy on our team, and boys love to blow stuff up.  (What is that?!)

Oh, man, the faces on the “drop” ride are hysterical!  Flight Time just closes his eyes, scrunches his face, and shakes his head, not making a sound.  Hee hee!  I’ve been on rides like that – I completely lose all ability to make a sound or anything else.  In other words, I pretty much go into shock.  But it’s still fun!

BOOM!  Boys:  “WOOHOO!!”

Note to racers – If you are hopelessly lost, driving in circles (literally), STOP AND ASK FOR DIRECTIONS!!

Roadblock:  Who thinks they can spot a needle in a haystack?  And they’re calling it a “switchback”, a task that has occurred on another season.  186 hay bales, 7 clues.  Dem’s bad odds.  The odds kind of go in favor of later arriving teams, right?  If, say, 50 hay bales are already unrolled, and no one has yet found a clue, then it’s only 136 bales with 7 clues.  But since it’s such a crapshoot, does that matter?  I’ve never been good at odds.

OMG, Meghan totally psyched Cheyne out – it was AWESOME.  She said she couldn’t do it anymore, crying, then handed him the clue.  Yay, her!

If I remember from last time, the clue was just in between the layers of hay, so when you unroll it, you see the clue.  This time, it seems you have to dig a little more for the little flag buried in there.  Yeah, as if it wasn’t hard enough to begin with!!

Yes!!! Non-elimination leg!  I knew it.  Yay for the father/son team!  They’re awesome!

I’ll say it again – I pretty much love all the teams currently still in the race.  It’s so much fun to watch when there’s not an asshole or a bitch on my tv.  Note to producers:  Bad behavior does not equal bigger viewership. 

Next week:  Matt doesn’t know what a candelabra is.  Can-del-a-BRA?

The Amazing Race, Episode 6

Wow, seems like just today that Episode 5 was on!  🙂

We are still in Dubai, for those who are curious….  Isn’t it funny how once something comes to your attention, you notice it everywhere?  Like when you hear a new word – let’s say “accoutrements” (fitting, since the first time I heard it was on TAR) – and you’ve never heard it before, and then you hear it ALL THE TIME.  Anyways…  Did you know the Palm Jumeira is bigger than 800 football fields, and cost more than $12 billion to create.  Wow.

I think the only team I don’t really dig is the Poker Girls.  I like everyone else.  Go figure.  There’s no team for me to actively hate.  That’s…different. 

Off to Amsterdam.  They have to drive on a 19 mile causeway.  Have I mentioned my fear of driving over long stretches of water?

I love this group!  They all get along so well!  It’s great to watch, after many seasons of bickering teams and asshat behaviour.  And, wow, did I just spell that the British way?

Roadblock – who’s got stong legs and keen eyes.  Well, crap.  We’re on top of a building.  Strong legs=stairs?  Keen eyes=looking for something?  The Pilot certainly has more attention to detail, I think.  He’ll do it.  Yep, must climb the tower and count the number of bells.  (I really must figure out how many roadblocks I’ve assigned each of us.)

Hmmm…Sam gave the number of bells to the Poker Girl, so she didn’t have to count.  However, isn’t that part of the clue, to count?  Will they take a penalty for that?

Detour:  Farmer’s Game or Farmer’s Dance.  In Game, they have to swim across the creek and play three holes of “farmer’s golf” – looks kind of like croquet.  In Dance, teams must learn and perform a dance, then eat salted herring.  Ew – salted herring?  I think we’ll do Game.  And evidently Matt is with me – he saw herring and switched tasks!  It kind of triggers my gag reflex just thinking about it.

Poker Girls pulled a Quadruple switch!  They chose a task, switched, switched again, and then switched again!  That may be a first in the history of the race.  Aaaaand they are done for.  

Fabulous episode – I think one of the better ones in recent history. 

Holy crap holy crap holy crap!!  Next week, they’re doing the hay bales again!  The roadblock that kicked the Mormon Sisters’ Asses.  And it looks just as bad this time around – can’t wait!!


The Amazing Race, Episode 5

I’m finally getting around to watching last week’s episode.  I didn’t make it home until super late last Sunday, and haven’t had a chance to watch it at all this week.  Here we go, Episode 5:

Oh, wow – and I just found out that I didn’t get the first part of the episode, for some reason.  Usually I have problems with the end  of the episode.  Thank god I can watch online, right?

The teams start out in Dubai.  “Dubai is like an island Vegas.” 

Roadblock:  Who’s ready to row row row their boat?  I think The Pilot will do this one.  Wait, how many have we done?  You need to row out to a yacht.

Oh, good, I only missed like the first 4 minutes or so.  Back to Tivo – it’s easier to stop and rewind than the internet. 🙂

Matt brought hair dye with him?  Dude, space is limited.

You know, I never knew people didn’t know how to row a boat.  I think people had a problem with it last season, or maybe the season before that.  It’s been a long time for me, so I probably shouldn’t talk, but really, is it that hard?  One guy knelt in the bow and paddled with one oar, like a canoe.  Two guys used their hands to paddle, rather than the oars.  Oh, but the GIRL knows how to row!  Ha, take THAT!

Detour:  Gold or Glass?  In gold, they need to weigh out $500,000 worth of gold.  In glass, they need to assemble 12 hookahs.  Hmmmmm……I don’t know.  Gold, maybe?  This might be a case of rock, paper, scissors.  Although, gold certainly seems easier.  Just load up the scale with one amount, check the exchange rate, and adjust. 

OMG.  “Does a Muslim clock work different?”  Really????

Hey, Ericka is wearing a VS bathing suit!  I recognize the top! 🙂

Ah, I am so loving the father/son team!  They’re having fun!  I don’t care what anyone says, THAT is the whole point of the race.

Mika can’t make herself go down the slide – she’s afraid of water and heights, and water slide is something like 90 feet, I think they said.  You could tell she was terrified.  I don’t doubt that terror.  I just don’t understand it.  I’m not afraid of much, and even stuff I’m afraid of, I can usually get through.  If they tell me I have to pick up a tarantula and carry it for the rest of the race, I could do it, even though I hatehatehate spiders.  And my heart would probably be in my throat the entire time.  But I could do it.  Mika can’t overcome, though, so they’re out of the race.




The Amazing Race, Episode 4

Delayed again, due to OT football.  But I got to watch a little special on Drew Barrymore on 60 Minutes, which was neat.  I really like her.  I think she’s accomplished much, all things considered.  She’s not perfect – far from it.  Which is why she’s so great. 

The Amazing Race!  (Let’s relive the sad elimination of Zev and Justin.  Okay, done.)

The pit stop was in Cambodia.  And ANOTHER actual CLUE.  God, I’m loving  this season.  They are off to Dubai, to the World’s Tallest Building.  Of course, one team doesn’t know where the Persian Gulf is.  (Shakes her head…)   Hee hee – then Ericka is like, “duh, it’s in Dubai!”  Good on you.  And then, one team goes to the airport and asks for tickets to the Persian Gulf. The woman says, I don’t know where that is.  And they tell the next team that arrives, “The Persian Gulf isn’t even a country.”  Wow.

What is up with the cameras in Dubai?  They all are foggy.  Oh, it’s evidently extremely hot.  Condensation is a bitch.

Okay, so they have to go up the world’s tallest building.  Some people are freaking out, scared of heights, thinking they have to jump off the top.  They take an elevator to the top.  Go to the clue box, and then ride the elevator back down. OOOOOOO, SCARY!  What the heck?

There’s a fast forward available on this leg. A fast forward is where you get to skip all tasks and go directly to the pit stop.  Only one team can get it.  Now, IMO, when everyone is bunched like this, and you know bunching is going to happen again, I don’t know that the fast forward is worth it.  Especially if you know other teams are going for it, too.  But that’s me.

Roid Rage Couple:  Him “This Exit?”  Her “No.”  “This exit?” (Regarding the exact same exit.)  “No, no.”  “This exit?”  “No. Straight.  I said no three times.”  “So we’re not supposed to be on this exit?”  “No.”  Wow.  Dude.

Roadblock:  Who thinks they can beat the desert heat?  Hm.  I think The Pilot will take this one. 

Okay, I’m liking Brian.  He’s helpful.  He shares information.  That’s how I would be, all about karma and do unto others and reap what you sow.  Of course, The Pilot would be the complete opposite, trying to point teams the wrong direction.  That would definitely be a bone of contention with us.  However, when the Poker Players kill their car, Sam and Dan need to leave.  Yes, she helped with your ladle, but there’s nothing you can do to help her in this situation.  LEAVE.

“Take your time, but be fast.”  That’s…prophetic.  Oh, wait – “I’m never going forward again”, in regards to driving.  Good luck with that.  “I’m an asian female driver,” and that’s her excuse for breaking the car.  Way to live up to a stereotype.

I hate it when racers plead with God.  “Please god, help me find this, Please god, don’t let us be last.”  God is in the bathtub, STFU.

Detour:  Build a snowman, or find a snowman.  In Build, you have to take snow from Ski Dubai and build a snowman, outside, where it’s 130 degrees.  In Find, you sled down the hill and look through the snow at the bottom for a tiny snowman.    Well, I was going to say Build, but changed my mind to find.  Yes, it’s like finding a clue in a haystack (ode to sisters on previous race), but I think it would be better than building and having the snowman melt on you before you finish.

“Isn’t it funny how you can drive a 120 miles here, and it feels like 60?”  “Well, it’s a 120 kilometers, which is about 60 mph.”   The quotes in this episode are killing me.

Ericka laughing during the sledding was hysterical – she was having so much fun!  That’s great.

Pit stop looks beautiful:  Souk Madinet Jumeirah  And you can see that one hotel in the background, the one with the helicopter pad, that’s built in the water.

Yep, fully in love with Brian and Ericka. 

Blondie can’t sled, because she’s never done it.  It’s SLEDDING!  It doesn’t take any skill!  And isn’t that part of the race experience, to do things you’ve never done before?

Roid Rage wants to kick the snowman he just built.  Why does he always want to kick things?  But, YAY!!  He’s off my TV!  Now I have to find a new team to hate!  I don’t think I can do that…

Next week, on the amazing race:  Blondie freaks out with floaties on, and her uber-religious boyfriend tries to throw her down the waterslide.  Gee, that looks like it’ll be fun to watch.

The Amazing Race, Episode 3

A late start to the show tonight, thanks to a football game.  But that’s why I set my Tivo to keep recording for an extra hour. 🙂

We start out in Ho Chi Minh City, with the Globetrotters in first place.  And we’re off to…Cambodia.

So, all teams leave within an hour of each other, before 8pm, and the first flight out is at 12:30 the next day.  That’s quite a wait.

Really kind of loving Justin, who took Zev under his wing at some camp, which makes me think they were somewhat young at the time.  A kid who is willing to be friends with “the wierdo,” as I’m sure Zev was known as, and they are still friends…yeah, kind of crushing on him. 🙂

You know, all this talk about two teams not getting on the first flight, people thinking it would be “nice to have some breathing room”…I’m thinking they’re going to get on the flight.  “We need to be on that plane…it’s a race…it’s very important that we get on the first flight…we need to get on that plane…” DunDunDun – commercial.  (And I’m so glad Miss teen SC can make fun of herself…even though I don’t think she realizes that she is, in fact, making fun of herself.)

Back from commercial.  Oh, look at that!!  Both teams got on the flight!  Whodathunkit?  (Note to the usually fabulous editors – when you pump it up that much, it’s not that big a surprise.)  Oh, and Mr. Roid Rage:  “No cheap win, bitches!”   Yeah, dude, calm the F down.

They get a picture of Jackie O, and several of the teams recognize her.  But then…”It’s definetly Queen Elizabeth.”  “Definitely someone of Cambodian descent, she looked like the people of Cambodia.”  Hmm.  I’ve never thought Jackie O looked Asian…

Detour!!!  Cover or Wrap.  In cover, teams have to sell helmets.  In wrap, they have to find someone in an identical wrap as one they are given.  Well, I think Wrap sounds easier, but often on the race, selling to the locals is amazingly easy.  I think this is a rock, paper, scissors moment for The Pilot and me.

Eeek.  Justin & Zev tell their taxi driver they are looking for a woman wearing that particular scarf, in a way that sounds like they expect him to help look.  I wonder if that’s allowed?  The Globetrotters do it, too.

Roadblock:  Who’s ready to go bananas?  No visual clues…I’ll do it.  Oh, great.  I have to learn to be a monkey.  Fabulous.  The Pilot will laugh at me for MONTHS for this one.  Okay, so, Meghan is doing the monkey task, and Cheyne says, “bend over, yes baby, that’s it, that’s it.”  …I have such a dirty mind.

First team – Zev & Justin.  2nd – Sam & Dan.  3rd – Globetrotters.  But then, Zev finds out he lost his passport, and unless they find it, they will be out of the race.  Off they go to retrace their steps, and they lose they’re first place finish.

Mr. Roid Rage does a roundhouse kick on the way to the mat, for some reason. 

And, of course, my love for Justin at the beginning of the race has doomed them at the end.  The Poker Players arrive last, but get to stay because someone didn’t strap their passport to their ass.  That’s one of the top 10 rules, guys. 

Next time, on The Amazing Race:  Off to Dubai, with a lot of extremes.