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New Reality Show – Casting Call

A new prime time reality series is casting. Project description: “Seeking real people who think their spouse/partner is leading a double life (has another family on the side, is living with someone else part time, etc).” Casting across the U.S. (Link)

Hits a little close to home…Can’t wait to watch it…

The Amazing Race is Back (!…?)

I have always loved The Amazing Race with an almost religious zeal.  It’s the season premiere I’m always most excited about.  It’s the only reality show I would ever want to be a part of.  Not in any attempt to get my 15 minutes of fame, but because of the fun and adventure and endurance of it.  I designed my own little scavenger hunt around Charlotte for my ex as a gift.  It was a gift to myself just as much as it was a gift for him.  Just yesterday I “competed” in the Challenge Nation scavenger hunt around Charlotte (I swear I’ll post about it in the next couple days), although we went in just intent on having fun, not on actually winning.  I love the concept of learning new things and traveling and doing all kinds of activities I haven’t had the chance to do.

I am always rabidly excited about the start of each season.  Last season was the exception.  I started TiVo-ing the season, which started in February, but I just couldn’t make myself watch it. 

The Pilot and I discussed going on The Race together.  I mentioned that I wanted to do it, and he said, “I’ll do it with you.”  I printed out the rules and the application.  Filled out mine.  Gave him his.  Asked him about it a few weeks later.  “I can’t get out of work for that long!” 

Gee, you think maybe that’s why I couldn’t watch this last season?  Because just the thought of air travel makes me think of him? 

So, I haven’t been paying much attention to the show and when it would be premiering.  I just happened to be scrolling through the TiVo guide for the week when I saw it was starting tonight.  I hesitated on hitting record.  Did I want to watch it?  Should I go ahead and record it, to watch later?  I went ahead and hit record.  Why not. 

Now, having watched the first episode…I’m still not nearly as excited as I have been in the past.  So…we’ll see.