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Bottom Up!

When reading through a list of things, like a menu, how do you read it?  For example:

I think most people generally read lists from the top down. 

I don’t.  I start at the bottom.

I don’t know why.  I don’t know when I started doing that – within the last 5-8 years, I think.

I can’t seem to focus if I read top down.  It’s all just noise, and I end up getting about halfway down the list and I can’t remember anything of what I’ve read.

You may have heard that one trick to proofreading your own writing is to read it backwards.  If you read it as you normally would, your brain fills in words and leaps ahead, because it already knows it.  But if you read it backwards, you’re more likely to catch spelling and grammar errors, or realize that a word is missing. 

I kind of wonder if that’s why I read bottom up.  Maybe my brain knows I don’t focus well reading top down, so I unconsciously don’t read that way. 

In the case of multiple columns, I’m royally screwed.  My eyes bounce around like I’m watching a ball in a pinball machine, reading the top two of one list, bottom three of another, one in the middle of yet another list.


Maybe I’m developing Adult ADD.  

Does anyone else read lists this way?  Or am I just weird?  Thoughts?