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A loaded blog

As in, filled with bullets (over Broadway!).

  • You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life.  See that girl, watch that scene, diggin’ the Dancing Queen!
  • My brain has been all over the place lately.  Blogging has been…beyond me.  I have all kinds of thoughts, but I can’t quite munge those thoughts into…much of anything…
  • Super trouper lights are gonna find me, but I won’t feel blue…
  • I had a huge interview this past Monday.  Like, the fact that I even got the interview was a huge deal.  “Among thousands of resumes…”  There’s a catch, but…it’s not necessarily bad, it’s just not great.
  • Money, money, money, must be funny, in a rich man’s world.
  • I turned on the heater the other day, and three hours later realized it was still running and was not any warmer.  Hmmmm…..  I turned on the hot water tap and let it run for a while…nope.  I wondered if the pilot light had gone out, but didn’t know how to check it.  (My heater runs off the hot water heater.)  A friend of mine called and talked me through it – good to have him on the phone, so he could call 911 if I, you know, blew up.  But everything worked out well, and I have hot water again.
  • I can still recall our last summer, I still see it all…
  • I bought wine at Aldi yesterday.  Not bad, actually, a pretty good Tempranillo for $5…
  • Honey, Honey, how he thrills me, uh-huh.
  • I used pearl onions last night, for the first time ever…will blog about that later (part of my 2011 goals)…
  • Don’t go wasting your emooooootion, lay all your love on me.
  • I had a fourth date with a guy a couple of weeks ago.  It was…weird.  More on that later….
  • Gimme Gimme Gimme a man after midnight, won’t somebody help me chase the shadows away.
    Sexy Devil who is actually a nurse in real lif...

    Image by everyplace via Flickr

  • I noticed the other day that I’ve got a lot of new hair growth, especially around the top of my forehead.  My friend geauxgirl noticed it the other night, and said it looked like I have devil horns.  Awesome!
  • If you change your mind, I’m the first in line, honey I’m still free, take a chance on me…
  • I never saw the movie Mamma Mia!, but happened to catch the first half of it on cable a few weeks ago.  I thought it was cute, so I ordered it on Netflix so I could watch the whole thing.  I now cannot stop singing ABBA songs.  Curse you, ABBA!
  • Mamma Mia!  Here I go again, my my, how can I resist you?

Ghosts of boyfriends past

Photo by katmere

I got a call yesterday on a job I had applied for last week.  I had a brief phone interview with a woman who I think was HR, because she said she was going to “resubmit” my resume to the hiring manager, and I may or may not get a call back for an interview.  Great news, right?

Here’s the bad news.  The office is literally directly across the street from my ex-boyfriend’s house.  You could probably see his house from the office.

Why do we attach so much emotion to things like this?  Like, where we met someone, or where we had our first kiss, or what we ate on our 49th date?  Why do we have places we can’t go to because they remind us of that person?

ABC Restaurant is just a restaurant.  I’ve been there a million times.  In fact, I’ve been there with at least 5 different guys.  So why is it that whenever I go there, I think of Mr. X?  I’ve watched XYZ TV show for years, since before Mr. X and I started dating and broke up.  So why do I think of him every time I watch it?  I’ve tied my shoes by myself since I was 6 years old.  Why does tying them now make me think of Mr. X?  (These are basic example, people, not necessarily my specific experiences.  I don’t actually think of my ex when I tie my shoe, okay?)

And it’s not even that everything makes you think of your most recent ex.  I think of my college boyfriend any time I go to the zoo.  I think of Colorado Boyfriend every time it snows.  I think of one of my high school boyfriends every time I eat fortune cookies.  I think of Soccer Guy every time I see his college’s emblem…which is the same college my last ex supported, so why would I attach it to a guy I dated 6 years ago and not to the most recent one?

We attach memories to things, places, foods, smells, songs, thoughts.  Then those memories haunt us.  Why?  Why do this to ourselves, why let these things have that much control over us?

And it’s not just exes!  It’s parents, and grandparents, and siblings, and kids, and friends, and jobs.  Some memories are good, some are bad.  Some make you smile through tears, of either joy or sorrow, and some make you want to rip your heart out so you can just stop thinking about them.

Yeah, a little Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind wouldn’t be so bad, on occasion.

What things have memories attached to them in your life?  Do the memories make you smile or cringe?  What have you done to get past those memories?

Learn something about…KDGE

KDGE, The Edge, is, hands down, the best radio station, ever. 

No, really.

When I was in high school, you could find KDGE on 94.1 in Dallas.  I remember, driving up from college on I-35, you couldn’t get KDGE until you were about ten miles south of town.  That was one of my “You know you’re home when” signs, when I could get KDGE on the radio, even with lots of static. 

KDGE is where I first heard of Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Bowling for Soup, Deep Blue Something, The Toadies (I’ve actually been to Possum Kingdom Lake), and other somewhat-local bands far before they were ever popular nation-wide.  It’s also where I first heard, courtesy of fabulous DJ Jessie in the afternoon, the remix version of Poe’s “Hey, Pretty” with Mark Danieleski reading from his book House of Leaves.

So, yeah, KDGE has had a huge impact on my life.

KDGE moved to 102.1 in 2000, and you can still find it there today, or, ONLINE!  Oh, that makes me so happy.  I still listen live, and I still think it’s the best radio station in the world.  Check out Jessie in the afternoon – I still think she’s the best!

Random Update

  • Well, a friend of mine did some work on my main computer, so I’m able to use it again.  Time to get caught up on my blog reading!  🙂  We’ll see how long it lasts.  He recommended I get more RAM, so it’s on order, and once it comes in…well, we’ll see if my 6 year old laptop can hold on a couple more years.  Meanwhile he loaded Firefox for web purposes, and…I’m not sold.  Anyone hate/love firefox?
  • I want to see Vampires Suck.  It looks entirely too funny to miss.  Of course, that will wait for redbox one boring night.
  • As much as I dislike Eminem (the guy has ISSUES), I’m loving his two new releases.  He’s catchy as hell.
  • Recent movies watched:  According to Greta (Ellen Burstyn helps elevate the movie, which stars Hilary Duff), Leap Year (eh), The Time Traveler’s Wife (eh – also, Rachel McAdams needs to eat a hamburger.  In the scene when they first have sex, and she gets out of bed and you can see her naked back, you can see each and every one of her ribs and vertebrae – to the point I thought it was part of the story line, it was so emphasized.)
  • Trying to decide if I want to go to the beach in November.  I figured it would be good to get away and write (doing NaNoWriMo again this year!).  But then, my friends said they might go to the Bahamas.  So, do I want to go to the Warm Bahamas and have fun with friends or the Cool Carolina Beach to “check out”?  Decisions, decisions…
  • Trying to decide what to do today. Have the day off, considering going to the zoo down the road, or becoming a tourist in my own city.  Hmm…
  • LoveLoveLove the song “Sometime Around Midnight” by Airborne Toxic Event.  I liked it when it originally came out, kind of forgot about it, and heard it again the other day at work and fell in love again.  (Geauxgirl, can you get that on Rock Band?)

The Middle

Yes, I know I already have a post entitled “The Middle.”  This is a different kind of post, and it’s really the only title it could have.

Hope Floats was on today, and I flipped it on just for some noise in the background.  And that’s when I remembered how much I love this movie.  I seem to love it even more every time I watch it.  I remember the first time I saw it, I cried the most when Bernice’s dad drove away from her, crying her heart out for him to take her with him.  But now, the part that kills me the most is when Birdee goes to visit her dad, and he has Alzheimer’s, and she’s just talking to him, and then they start dancing.  Tears.

My favorite part, though, is at the very end.  Sandra Bullock does a voiceover:

Beginnings are scary, endings are usually sad, but it’s the middle that counts the most.  You need to remember that when you find yourself at the beginning.  Just give hope a chance to float up.

It’s funny, because that’s almost in direct opposition to one of my current favorite songs, “The Middle,” by Jimmy Eat World.  The song is more about getting through the middle, rather than reveling in it.

It just takes some time,

Little girl, you’re in the middle of the ride.

Everything, everything will be just fine,

Everything, everything will be all right.


So, which is it?  Is The Middle the best part, or the worst part?  Is it something to savor, or something to endure?

I suppose it depends on what you’re in the middle of

Shooting Stars

I admit it – I still look up. It doesn’t hurt like it once did. It doesn’t eviscerate me anymore. It still hurts occasionally, but it’s not as bad. It just sucks that there is quite literally a constant reminder of The Pilot, every minute on the minute it seems, as planes use the flight path above my office or over my condo. I can rarely go outside without seeing an airplane. Oh, God, but those days I can? Heaven.

(Just out of curiosity, I decided to keep track of the number of planes I saw today. On my 15 minute drive to work, I saw 8 (5 within 3 minutes). I saw 9 in the twenty minutes I spent running around at lunch. On my 25 minute drive home, I saw 11. And looking out the office windows randomly throughout the day, I saw 5. This is just planes taking off and landing, by the way.)

You may remember, from this post, that I hear airplanes overhead almost every night. It’s really hard, because there’s nothing to block out the noise, nothing to block out the thoughts, when you’re lying in bed in the dark.

“Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now…”

This song came out at the perfect time. I thought I would hate it, that it would make me think of him, but actually, I love it. Because now, when I hear an airplane at night, while lying in bed, I just pretend it’s a shooting star, and I make a wish.

And, surprisingly, my wishes rarely have anything to do with his d*ck falling off.

I’ve kind of surprised myself lately. I actually don’t wish any ill will toward The Pilot or his relationship anymore. I never really wished any ill will toward The Other Woman, as she’s not the one who did anything wrong. I think she’s a bit of an idiot for staying with him, letting him get away with it, but she didn’t have any part in causing me pain (other than not giving me the courtesy of answering my email). While I do hope that one day The Pilot gets what’s coming to him (karma is, as they say, a bitch), I don’t wish any of the hurt I’ve felt on her.

I think I’m growing, as a person.

Really, all I ever wanted in all this is closure, so I can move on easier. Just some explanation, some apology. That’s what I wish for. (If wishes were horses…)

What do you wish for when you see shooting stars?

Freedom (I won’t let you down)

Today’s NaBloPoMo writing prompt was “Freedom,” but all I can think about is the George Michael song. I think on the word, and I start singing. So now, using my freedom to not write a blog post about freedom based on a random prompt, I give you:

Think I’m gonna get me some happy.

(Also – That chick has some serious STOMP ability.  Tyra would be proud.)

I believe the children are our future

The company I work for has a non-profit dedicated to music education. Each year, they put on a 2 week camp for high school kids, giving them real life experience in the music industry. It’s free to the students selected, they just have to pay for transportation to and from the city it’s held in. Only 32 students are selected each year, and last year I helped in that selection process, going over a handful of applications and helping to decide which kids are passionate enough about music and the music industry to be selected for the camp.

I’m volunteering again this year, and have been through about half of my applicants. The range is striking, from the average kid who likes music and wants to be on American Idol, to the truly amazing 16 year old who taught himself the drums, bass, piano, and accordion, who has been composing music since he was 8, all while making straight A’s, operating the sound board for the church choir, taking piano lessons, working part time, volunteering at the local soup kitchen, and tutoring under-privileged kids.

Just when I think the youth of the country are lazy, incompetent, coddled children incapable of writing in anything other than text shorthand (texthand?), these kids show up to surprise me. And they give me hope for the future.

I wish I could tell you more about the non-profit and the camp, but then you would know where I work, and I’m still trying to keep a little bit of anonymity here. Of course, anyone with half a brain could probably do a keyword search and figure it out, but still…

I’ve got my pride, and she’s got you

I like country music, but I very rarely listen to it, so I don’t know a lot of the newer songs.  Last night, while flipping through stations, I had to stop at one of my old favorites, Toby Keith’s “Should’ve Been a Cowboy.”  I kept listening to the country station, and they played Kellie Pickler’s “Best Days of Your Life.”  If you watch nothing else, at least watch the video at about 2 1/2 minutes in.  🙂

‘Cos I’ll be there, in the back of your mind
From the day we met ’til you making me cry
And it’s just too bad, you’ve already had the best days
The best days of your life

Ain’t it a shame?
A shame that everytime you hear my name
Brought up in a casual conversation
You can’t think straight

And ain’t it sad?
You can’t forget about what we had
Take a look at her and do you like what you see?
Or do you wish it was me

‘Cos I’ll be there, in the back of your mind
From the day we met to the very last night
And it’s just too bad, you’ve already had the best days
The best days of your life

And does she know?
Know about the times you used to hold me
Wrapped me in your arms and how you told me
I’m the only one

I heard about
Yeah, someone told me once, when you were out
She went a little crazy ran her mouth about me
Ain’t jealousy funny?


…with me was a fairytale love
I was head-over-heals ’til you threw away “us”
And it’s just too bad you’ve, already had the best days
The best days of your life

I heard you’re gonna get married
Have a nice little family
Live out my dreams with someon new

But, I’ve been told that a cheater
Is always a cheater
I’ve got my pride, and she’s got you…

‘Cos I’ll be there, in the back of your mind
From the day we met ’til you making me cry
And it’s just too bad, you’ve already had the best days
The best days of your life…

THE Best Breakup Song EVAH!

I was visiting my friend in Austin in 200…1?  And we went to some bar (Maggie Mae’s maybe) and this band was playing – The Dean Seltzer Band.  They were pretty good, kind of rock/country, covers, great Lynard Skynard (Turn it up!), and then…

They did this song:

“I hate your guts you slut whore bitch, I’ve seen better head on a beer.  So get your head out of your ass and get your ass on out of here.  No offense darling, don’t get me wrong, but damn you ain’t no fun.  Loving you is the dumbest thing I’ve ever fucking done.”

I promptly bought a CD, and I still have it.

Here’s another video of the song, and the words are a bit clearer, but nothing beats the crowd getting into like in the first video.