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Don’t post drunk!

Not drunk.  Just slightly under the influence.  Enough so that I’m thinking about certain things, certain people, and I want to post, and I am very close to posting, but am still cognizant enough to know I really shouldn’t.  Bad idea.  No burning bridges tonight.

On another note altogether (because I wasn’t actually talking about who you thought I was talking about above, but now I will), I’m watching the recorded episode of $..! My Dad Says and one of the guys on the show looks like my ex might look with 50+ more pounds.  Those of you who know him, you be the judge:

Okay, so maybe it’s just my imagination.

I bought some art tonight at an art auction – a piece for me and a piece as a gift.  I bid on another one but lost out at the last minute.  Too bad – it was a piece I didn’t really like, but I couldn’t stop looking at, which has to mean something in the art world.


Trying to figure out how (or if) to rearrange my bedroom furniture.  I’m getting a new dresser, and does that go here or here?  And what about the treadmill?  Well, if the dresser goes here, then the treadmill has to go here.  But if the dresser goes there…  Yeah.  Too much effort.  Not enough room.  I wish I could afford the condo next door.  It’s been on the market for a year, maybe they’ll make a deal…

Brain is tired.  Brain needs a vacation.  No thinking, just the freedom to melt into a blob for a while. 

Oh, and one last thing – The Most Insane College Football Game Ending today.  And this coming from someone who watched the nerve-wracking 7 OT Arkansas-Ole Miss game in 2001.  Anyway, today’s game.  LSU QB Jefferson is sent in with 32 seconds to go, 2nd & goal.  Jefferson tries to run in but doesn’t get to the end zone.  Mass confusion ensues, the ball is hiked, and Jefferson MISSES the ball.  Game over.  BUT WAIT!!  Tennessee had 13 men on the field!  Replay 3rd down!!!  And now what happens?  See for yourself:

Oy.  I’m tired.  And a little hoarse.