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Job Search Funnies

We're now hiring!

Image by Zach Klein via Flickr

  • Company:  www.meetup.com
  • Position:  “Product Manager, Secret Projects to Imperialize the Internet with Earnest Intent to Spawn Mass Local Community Organizing”
  • The funny:  ….isn’t it obvious?


  • Company:  SGL Carbon
  • Position:  Legal Assistant
  • The funny:  The job description indicates that “The employee is regularly required to…use hands to finger, handle, or feel.” What, exactly, would a legal assistant be required to “finger, handle, or feel?”


  • From Craigslist:  “Recently I decided to purchase a small electrolysis machine for home use. The down side is that I can’t reach/see places like underarms. So…I’m wondering if there is anyone out there who would be interested in swapping electrolysis sessions with me.”
  • Makes me wonder where else she can’t reach/see…and wants someone else to help with…


  • Another from Craigslist:  “Seeking a female to read books out loud and provide massages.  (No not at the same time.)”


  • And, from Craigslist:  Position:  Travel Agent.  “I will be conducting interviews on Friday at the Denny’s in Concord.”

Dating- er, I mean Job Searching

Ever notice how similar the two are?  You spend an hour writing two paragraphs, crafting your words just so, trying to convince the person that you are THE person they are searching for, then you close your eyes really tight, hit send, and take a deep breath.

And then check your inbox to see if they’ve responded yet.

Yeah, you never thought of it that way, did ya?

Wish me luck…on both counts.