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My life’s okay

Blog post in haiku:

My life’s okay,

Have Job, Home, Food, Health, Friends –

It could be worse.

Seriously. I realize that there are people far worse off than I am, and that my problems and issues don’t add up to spoonful of the heaping mess that some people deal with.

I’m employed, and have money in the bank, and can pay my bills and have some spending money. I own my own home, and don’t have to worry about where my next meal is going to come from.

I’m college educated, have reliable transportation, electricity and running water.

I am healthy, disease free, with no real physical or mental limitations.

I’ve never had a man hit me. I’ve never had to deal with date rape or unwanted pregnancy or a psycho stalker. I’ve never had to deal with divorce and custody battles and child support. I’ve never had to deal with the death of a child.

I have a loving family that I get along with quite well. I have friends who care about me, who would (and have) jump in their car in the middle of the night to rescue me from the side of the road, who would offer me a place to stay and food and clothes off their back if I needed it.

I know all this. Which is why I feel really bad when I have my “Woe is Me” moments. Oh, boohoo, I can’t afford a trip to Europe. Oh, boohoo, I can’t afford a new car. Oh, boohoo, my boyfriend cheated on me and dumped me (although, does it count as being dumped if he just disappeared?). Oh, boohoo, I don’t get to go out to eat as often as I would like. Oh, boohoo, some days I don’t like my job very much. Oh, boohoo, I can’t run 3 miles in 30 minutes.


I get it.

Doesn’t mean I don’t want things to be better.

The head can say it all day long, yell and scream and shout through a bullhorn, but the heart, the soul, the core of you doesn’t always listen, or pay attention to reason.

Sucks, don’t it?

What do you boohoo about, even though you know it could be worse?

What are the issues? How do I know who to vote for?

I can’t keep up with all the political issues and what each candidate believes.  I would need to watch TV ten hours a day and surf the internet the rest of the time to be fully up to speed on everything I should be to cast an educated vote.  Of course, I know who I like better, but I would feel better voting if I can back it up with more than, “I really dislike the other guy.”

I found a pretty good site today, where you can learn about the issues and each candidates view on these issues.  They also have a great quiz which simply asks you what your views are on the issues, and tells you how much you match each of the candidates.  This works for the presidential and VP election, the Senate race, and points to your political philosophy.  This negates any preconceived notions you might have about a candidate, so that you really are voting on the issues important to you, rather than who you think looks better in a suit. 

The quiz also breaks down the issues so you know what each means.  Some are easy – we all know how we feel about this question: (“Support” to the far left, “Oppose” to the far right, “No Opinion” in the middle)

Abortion is a woman’s right   o   o   o   o   o  

Less clear:

Allow churches to provide welfare services   o   o   o   o   o

Well, what does this mean to me?  You can click on the issue and it breaks it down – if you strongly support it, then you believe this.  If you oppose it, then you believe this.  Then, if you’re still not sure, it tells you that you might also support other statements (such as, “Faith-based organizations can provide services better than the government can.”)

We have 49 days left to Election Day.  I can’t wait until it’s over – I’m sick of the ads, I’m sick of the mud-slinging, I’m sick of hearing the advisers on both sides twist things into something bad.  (Although, I can continue to watch Fey-as-Palin – it’s the one bright spot during election season.)

Wake me when it’s over.