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Charlotte Dinner Club

When I lived in Denver, I met a group of people through a dinner club that I found on Craigslist.  The idea was you would meet new people and try new restaurants…it was good for me at the time, when I was very alone in a strange city.  The only problem with that dinner club was that you never quite knew what you were getting into, they were complete strangers, and sometimes the size of the crowd got way out of hand (one time there were over 40 of us that showed up at a restaurant).

Lately, a few friends began talking about a similar idea, but I think it was more about trying new restaurants with our current group of friends, more than meeting strangers.  I thought a kind of compromise would work well – starting with a circle of friends, and going out like spokes of a wheel – getting different circles of friends together, so that you may meet someone new, but there’s still a connection there.  Degrees of separation and all that.

The most important thing in doing something like this is that it has to be a firmly scheduled event – none of that “what works with your schedule?” and “I can’t make that, can we change the date?”  So I decided on the Second Wednesday of the month.  Wednesday should be less crowded in restaurants than a weekend night, and making it the second rather than the first of the month should get us away from any holiday conflicts.

The second most important thing is getting the information out to people in a safe, easy way.  Emails and evites would be a little complicated – it would take a lot of coordination, and then you’re sending emails to people you don’t know, etc, etc…  A website would be a great way, people can check it at their leisure, but then what’s to prevent a psycho stranger from showing up at dinner, too?  (A dinner club stalker?  Improbable, but not impossible.)

Then I remembered that on Blogger you have the ability to host an “invite only” blog, so that only the people you invite can see it.  I started there, set up a blog, but then I realized there were a couple of issues there.  Number one, it’s limited to 100 email addresses (I know, I have high hopes thinking this could ever get up to 100 people), and number two, people would have to register, and some people don’t want to do that.  Same thing with setting up a group on Facebook. 

But WordPress has the ability to password protect posts.  So the blog can be checked by anyone, but people would need a password to view the restaurant of the month.  Getting the password out wouldn’t be hard to do, and you don’t need to register to post a comment.  So, I think I found the solution.

If you’re a friend in the Charlotte area, let me know if you’re interested in joining us sometime.  You can find the new blog here:  www.charlottedinnerclub.wordpress.com

I have a bad feeling about this…

So, I went to Dallas this weekend to see some old friends, as well as family.  It was great, a lot of fun.  Dallas was so green, and it looked so pretty, and I could definitely see myself moving back, should the opportunity present itself.  Of course, come August, I know I would be cursing myself.

My flight back was uneventful.  I was worried about my connection, as I had a 55 minute layover in Atlanta, and had to change concourses, but I made it with time to spare.  Got into Charlotte and went to baggage claim.  And waited.  And waited.  Yeah, you guessed it – they lost my bag.

Came home, watched a cheesy-a$$ Family Channel movie (which was really worse than usual), and went to sleep.  Woke up at about 3:30 this morning because it was raining, and there was this “drip-drip-drip” that was driving me crazy.  I listened to it for about ten minutes before I thought – that doesn’t sound like it’s on the patio.  I got up, turned on a light, but didn’t see anything.  But it was definitely coming from the patio door area.  I decided to put some clothes on and investigate further (nothing quite like standing on a ladder wearing nothing but your skimpy skivvies).

Sure enough, a definite drip coming…FROM THE WALL.  That’s the first time rain has done that.  That’s not good.  Not good at all.  I went out on the patio to check it…and saw water streaming down the outside wall.  And no rain in sight.

Ran upstairs to my 2nd floor neighbor, rang her doorbell until she got up.  She checked her porch – same problem (although she didn’t have the interior issue).  Rang the 3rd floor neighbor’s door.  “No, it’s not me, but I’ll go check.”  Sure enough – his water heater busted. 

Ever try going back to sleep after something like this has happened, and you’re running around freaking out?  Impossible.

Oh, and my phone is beeping low battery…and guess where the charger is?  Yep, somewhere between here and Dallas.

I have a feeling I’m in for a bad week.

Mr. Big

My married friends may not get this.  My guy friends will certainly not get this.  But my single girlfriends?  They’ll get it.

Something was brought to my attention a couple of months ago, as I was talking to a friend about a guy.  She broke in and said, with insight, “He’s your Big.”

I stopped, stunned.  Oh my God.  She was totally right.  I had never realized that before. 

Now, just to set the record straight, I was never a Big girl.  I was an Aidan girl, all the way.  I never got the whole Big thing.  I always felt so sorry for Carrie, as he was commitment-phobic and incredibly emotionally unavailable (two descriptions that are used hundreds of times every day to help women get over the men they are infatuated with, I’m sure).  Aidan was…awesome.  Yummy.  Sweet, kind, caring, willing to step in front of a bus for Carrie.  Even today, I see him in other roles, and swoon as I sigh, “Aidan.”

I digress.  It was recently brought to my attention that I have a Mr. Big in my life.  And I have a whole new appreciation for what Carrie went through. 

I’ll quote Wikipedia here:  “The final episode leaves the audience with a feeling of hope towards relationships. If Mr. Big, the epitome of the player that every woman hopes she can change, is able to rescue Carrie in Paris and live happily ever after, maybe all the other “Mr. Bigs” out there can do it too.”

I don’t know that I want my Big in the end.  I’m still in that emotional angst in the middle, which is heartbreaking in a way.  But who knows – in several years we might be in Paris.

Who else has a Mr. Big in their lives?  I know of at least one person.

To The Person Who Felt The Need To Belittle Me Today

I get that you feel superior to me.  In the arena in which you belittled me, I suppose you are superior to me.  But that doesn’t give you the right to make me feel like crap.  Just because I’m not where you are in said arena, does not mean I am less of a person.  I stand on my own two feet, but unfortunately I can’t jump to the moon.  I’m so glad that you can – but I never once asked you for help.  If I had, then maybe you would have the right – but not once have I brought laundry home for you to wash.  I’ve done my own laundry for years, thank you – even when I WAS in that demographic.

So bite me.  Oh, yeah, and screw you.

(PS – I’m thinner.)

Challenging Myself

I’m having one of those nights where I can’t sleep because there’s too much noise in my head.  I spoke with a friend of mine last night, and something he said has been clanging around in my brain ever since.  He wasn’t trying to be mean, I know that – he honestly was trying to be helpful and offer some constructive criticism.  And I see exactly what he was saying, and somewhat agree with it – but it doesn’t make it hurt any less, or make things any better, or easier. 

In his opinion, when it comes to dating, I don’t offer enough of a “challenge” to men to make it interesting.  I’m pretty laid back and easy going, and a lot of the time, if I don’t have an opinion on something, I’ll go along with whatever.  I’m one of those women that says “Whatever” when asked what I want to eat – not because I don’t have an opinion, or a voice, or I’m trying to be easy and go along with what he wants, but simply because I Don’t Care.  Sometimes, I do care, and I am quite vocal about things when I do care.  But most of the time, I don’t. 

I don’t think that’s the part that upset me the most.  He said that I should be more “myself” and stand up for myself more.  Now, this friend knows me well enough to know that I AM BEING MYSELF.  That’s just who I am.  So, even though I know he didn’t mean it that way, what I heard was that who I am, Myself, is not good enough to ever get a man.  Because Myself is not interesting enough.  Because Myself is boring.  That’s the part that really hurts, that has me up right now instead of sleeping, that has me questioning my self worth. 

Because isn’t that kind of the point – that I shouldn’t change myself for a man?  So why am I worried about it? Why is this eating at me?  Why do I care?  And why the hell do I let him get to me??

I’m Honored

I’ve evidently inspired a friend to start blogging again – although I’m not sure which friend it is!  I kind of have an idea…but I’m not sure.  (BTW, I love the name of the blog!)