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The Bucket List

Everyone has one, whether it’s written down or not.  That list of things you want to do, before you’re 30, 40, 50, 60.  Before you die.  Visit Paris.  Go skinny dipping. Sing karaoke.  Be a contestant on The Price Is Right.  We are so focused on living a life worth living that I think sometimes we don’t realize how much we’ve already done.

Personally, I want to do everything.  If I actually put everything I want to do on a list, I’d realize I couldn’t possibly do it all.  All the places I want to go, things I want to see and do – narrowing it down seems counter-intuitive to the entire idea.

Doesn’t mean I haven’t done it.

And some of it is kind of silly.

Take, for example, this item on my list:  Kiss under the fireworks.

Spectacular Kiss

Image by Lars Preben Sørsdahl via Flickr

At 35, I’ve never been kissed under fireworks.  I don’t know why it appeals to me so much, but it does.  Every time a holiday featuring fireworks comes around, I think about it.  I guess because I think of it as being so romantic.

Silly, right?

Last year, I went to see fireworks with Sly.  It was our 3rd date, and we had yet to kiss.  I had pretty much decided that I wasn’t interested in a relationship with him, but I thought this would be a chance to get my fireworks kiss.

But was it worth it?  Would that be selling out?  Would my Bucket List moment be memorable only because it shouldn’t be?  Like losing your virginity and wishing you could take it back?  In the end, the kiss didn’t happen.

Fast forward a year.  I’m with a wonderful man, who will grant damn near my every wish, including watching fireworks even though he couldn’t care less.  This weekend, with a fireworks show every night for four straight nights, we had our choice of shows.

Friday, we were both exhausted and decided to veg for the night.  Saturday we ran errands (mine) all day, got back to his place, and crashed.  Sunday we were on the boat all day, and we were beat.  All three nights we were asleep by 10pm.  Oh, yeah, we’re big partiers.

So Monday, we decided to go out to the Whitewater Center.  We did a flatwater kayak, then went to the car to get our clothes to change. The plan was, change, put our names in to eat, walk around a bit, eat, walk around a bit more, sit down have a beer, and watch fireworks.  But a storm was rolling in, so we decided to wait it out in the car prior to changing.

An hour and a half later, it was still raining, and we gave up and went home.

So once again, no kiss under fireworks.  And yes, I was disappointed.  And the truth is, I could have had it last night if I really pushed it.  He would have stayed, because I wanted to.  But at what point are you pushing too hard to make something that should happen naturally happen?

This man is amazing.  I don’t need kisses under fireworks.

But yes, I still want them.

What silly item is on your bucket list?

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

Life’s been just truckin’ along lately. I had a long holiday weekend, 4 ½ days, and I wish I could say I did more with it than I did.

Saturday went to Symphony Park for Pops in the Park and Fireworks after. After fireworks, we decided to let the traffic die down, and went into a nearby bar that I heard had cheap ($3) margaritas. “Do you want a double?” asked the bartender. “It’s just a dollar more.” Sure, why not! I wasn’t driving! 🙂  Wowza, that was a strong margarita. And when the bill came, I liked the margarita even more, because instead of $4 (which I expected), the margarita was $2! The double! So the regular? Yep, $1. I’m so totally going back to that place.

Sunday: Pool party, good company. The Boys played with fireworks, but no one was hurt, and nothing caught on fire, so…success.

Monday: Lake, more good company. We just floated around for several hours, watched the sunset, then cruised on back.

Tuesday I had plans to get up, work out, run to CostCo, do some cleaning, maybe lay out at the pool for a little bit, get some reading done. Well….I got up. And I read. But everything else fell to the wayside. I did start to work out, but then wasn’t feeling it, so stopped. Read instead. Then took a nap. Reading is strenuous, and I’m totally out of practice.

Finally got moving around about 6pm, and at 7, the power went out. Around 8, I went for a walk around the neighborhood, still no power when I got home. Played solitaire on the computer, read by flashlight. Power finally came back on at 10, just in time to go to bed. Which I didn’t do – I ended up staying up until about midnight. Can’t let that power go to waste!

How was your holiday weekend?