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Personal Challenge Fail

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Or is it a win?

I’m breaking already.  Or let’s just say I’m taking a day off, and I’ll go back to it tomorrow.

Surprisingly, I’ve been insanely successful.  Out of the 5 men I emailed the first day, 3 have responded.  Out of the 5 men I emailed the second day, 3 have responded.  So, I’m 6 for 10 at the moment.  Will the odds get even better?  Who knows!

Last night, I spent three hours on match, looking for men that I would be interested in emailing and crafting those emails.  And let me tell you, the pickings are slim.  If I couldn’t find anything in the guy’s profile to write to him about, I didn’t email him.  And there are a lot of very uninteresting sounding men on match!

I was already trying to figure out, last night, how I was possibly going to find 15 more guys this week I’d be interested in.  However, I’m now emailing (and planning dates with ) 8 men.  Yes, 8.  Not including the guy I’ve been seeing that’s currently out of the country.  How the heck am I going to keep these guys straight?

On top of that, I realized that I only have one more week before Thanksgiving Week is upon us.  Too little time to coordinate a bunch of dates.

So, a break from anything new tonight.  And we’ll see about tomorrow.  But I think I succeeded in jump starting my dating life.  So, even though I’ve failed in keeping my personal challenge, I’ve succeeded in the goal!

Oh.  And I have a lunch date tomorrow.  🙂