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What’s your dream job?

Ah, the Dream Job.  Getting paid to do what you love.  Preferably paid a lot.  It’s everyone’s dream, isn’t it?

But there are categories of dream jobs, I think.  There’s the dream job that you might actually be able to get.  There’s the dream job that is so completely out there that it’s not likely to ever come your way, and there’s the dream job that only lottery winners can do.

My dream job, the one I could get and have actually had, is to sit in a room, by myself, and count money.  The problem, of course, is that it doesn’t pay much.  The dream job that is so out there, for me, is to be able to travel and actually make a living off of it.  If I won the lottery, my job would be…doing anything I damn well please when I want.

I think most people would agree that Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, of MythBusters,  have incredible dream jobs.  They’re essentially science geeks that get to blow things up on TV for a living!  How cool is that?!

However, personally, I think Zane Lamprey has topped them.  Lamprey is the host of the TV show Three Sheets.  For those who don’t know the show, this guy gets to travel around the world on an international pub crawl, checking out local bars and trying local drinks.

So, wait, my job is to travel around the world and drink as much as I can, and I get PAID for it?  Sign me up!!

What’s your dream job?