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Time has been in serious short supply lately.  I am very happily sitting my butt down tonight for the first time in…a while.

Most of it, of course, is of my own making.  I’m spending all kinds of time with The New Beau (future blog post note).  I’ve been working out quite a bit (future blog post note).  I’ve had to work late one night a week with The Job.  Outside of Sleep, I’ve literally spent less than eight hours a week at home doing stuff.  My Tivo is near to bursting, I’ve forgotten what my couch feels like under my butt, and my cat is pissed.

Just another day in the life…

I’m tired.  But I’m happy.  Funny how that works, huh?

In the last week, I have learned how to use a pastry bag (by making these awesome brandy snaps) and sewn an eyemask:

In the last 36 hours I have finished my first pillow and made salted caramels:

I am currently looking forward to a trip to Charleston (sometime in the next two months) and a surfing lesson, and to  visit from the maternal unit.

And a possible move to Finland?

Doubtful, but not outside of the realm of possibility.

Because you really never know…

Life is fun, i’n’it?

Christmas 2010

This Christmas was a little…slimmer…than Christmases in the past.  Being unemployed, I had less money to spend on my family and friends.  Hopefully, I made up for it in creativity and thoughtfulness.

I gave three Groupons.  Cheap?  Maybe.  But I gave two friends surfing lessons in Charleston, which I thought would be fun, and I gave my mom a groupon for a canvas print.  So, still thoughtful, hopefully.

I gave my parents “coupons” for food – while I’m in town visiting, I’m making my Mom some tomato basil soup, and my Dad some eclairs.

I also made a lot of gifts this year, and impressed myself with my ingenuity.

I made my sister this necklace:

I made this necklace for East of the West:

I bought several glass icicles and added pretty beads to them:

I made wine charms for my mom:

And little bean bags for my mom:

Merry Christmas to all, and I’m a Crafty B*tch.

I’m Crafty

I made cards today.  I think they turned out pretty darn cute, actually.  What do you think?

Pinwheels, set of 4

Pinwheels, set of 4


Rock On, set of 4

Rock On, set of 4

Flower (actually, the card is white, I just didn't have the flash on)

Flower (actually, the card is white, I just didn't have the flash on)