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Self Mutilation

“Non-fatal self-harm is common in young people worldwide.”  Self-harm, just in case you aren’t aware, is deliberate harm without suidicidal intention.  Often, “self-harm” is characterized as cutting, but there are actually four classifications, according to wikipedia:

Classification Examples of Behavior Degree of Physical Damage Psychological State Social Acceptability
I Ear piercing, nail biting, small tattoos, cosmetic surgery (not considered self injury by the majority of the population) Superficial to mild Benign Mostly accepted
II Piercings, saber scars, ritualistic clan scarring, sailor and gang tattoos Mild to moderate Benign to agitated Subculture acceptance
III Wrist or body cutting, self-inflicted cigarette burns and tattoos, wound excoriation Mild to moderate Psychic crisis Accepted by some subgroups but not by the general population
IV Autocastration, self-enucleation, amputation Severe Psychotic decompensation Unacceptable

Well, obviously 99% of the US population are self-mutilators, as ear piercing and tattoos are included.  But I think the most known way of self-mutilation is often considered cutting (class III).  It’s a coping mechanism, a way to either deflect pain or draw sympathy.

I think there’s an alternative to cutting.  Tweezing.  It can be compulsive, a way to cope, a way to feel alive. 

It’s sad.

But true.