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The corner of No and Where


Image by delade via Flickr

Do you ever just catch yourself clicking on the same stuff over and over again while on the internet?

  • Let me check my email.
  • Now let me check facebook.
  • Let’s check the blog stats, see how many visitors I’ve had today.
  • Go over to Postsecret.  Sure, I was just there yesterday, and it only changes on Sunday, but I want to see that one postcard again, you know the one.  (For the record, I didn’t send it in, that’s not me, and I don’t know who sent it.  I am, however, taking it to heart.)
  • Check a couple friends’ blogs.  But not the ones I really need to catch up on, I need more time to devote to those.  And it’s been forever and I feel horrible and like a terrible blog friend.  Soon, I swear, but not right now.
  • Back over to Facebook.  Sure, it’s only been 5 minutes, but look, there’s two new posts for something!
  • I should check email again, too, just to make sure nothing’s come up.
  • Let’s check Freshly Pressed, just read the headlines, see if there’s anything that catches my interest.
  • Speaking of headlines, let’s check the latest on CNN….
  • …and on the local news site…
  • …did anyone say anything about that news story on Facebook?  Let’s go check…

Have you seen that one commercial?  It’s for internet service, I think.  The guy is clicking and clicking on all these websites, and he gets a warning that says, “You have reached the end of the internet.”  I feel like that sometimes.  I can remember surfing on the internet like crazy, back in the late 90’s, just going from site to site to site, didn’t matter what it was.  “Let’s learn about the jumping spider native to the Congo!”  Nowadays, I feel like there’s nothing I really want to look at.  My mind is racing a hundred miles an hour, and I can’t concentrate on any one webpage long enough to bother. I mean, the internet (as I’ve previously discussed) is this amazing thing, opening the world up to you, and somehow I end up in the same part of town, looking at the same street signs.  Not because I don’t want to go somewhere else, I just don’t seem to have the mental patience or drive to do it.

Does this sound familiar?  Does anybody else find themselves doing this, feeling this way?