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Choose Your Own Adventure (via The Other Side of 55)

I used to love CYOA books, but no one else seems to remember them. I’ve written before about the road map of our life, and how if *A* hadn’t happened, then *B* and *C* wouldn’t have happened.  I’ve recently wondered how difficult it would be to write my own CYOA book – this post makes me really want to tackle it.  What if I had picked the other option in each major decision I’ve made?  Would I still have ended up here?

Choose Your Own Adventure Do you ever play the ‘What if?’ game with yourself?  You know the one I mean – “What if I’d travelled instead of going to college right out of high school?”  “What if I hadn’t married my high school sweetheart?” “What if I’d hung on to that cute little house [that’s now worth almost a million dollars]?” “What if I’d taken that job in [some exotic location]?” “What if I hadn’t won the lottery?” (just kidding).  What if … What if … What if … … Read More

via The Other Side of 55

You’re blogging wrong!

I love my blog.  It’s kind of my baby.  I admit to getting a little thrill from seeing my words in print.  But more than that, my blog is my release.  It’s my therapy, my way of getting my emotions and thoughts out of my head.  I love if people read it.  I love if something I write touches someone, makes them think, makes them feel less lonely.  And I love it even more if someone comments on my blog.  It gives me some validation.

I wouldn’t say my blog is “successful.”  I get plenty of hits, most of them random, hitting posts that I happened to keyword well.  I’ve looked at all the ways to get more people to my blog, to get more hits, more regular readers, more comments, more publication.  I’ve read numerous articles on how to blog successfully, and I know what’s “good” and what’s “bad.”

Doesn’t mean I want to do it on mine, and it especially doesn’t mean I want to annoy people with the things that annoy me.

For instance:

I know that when linking, it’s best to have a parent link – that is, a link that opens a new window (like this).  This is best because it keeps people on your page.  If you have a blank link – one that opens in the same window (like this) – the reader has to use the back button to get back to your blog.  Obviously, you want to keep people on your page, not drive them away from it.  But it annoys me when that happens to me, so I rarely do it.  I evaluate each link, the likelihood of a reader clicking on it, of coming back to my blog, and I will do a parent link occasionally.  But usually, I don’t.

The best thing to do is have a limited RSS feed.  You give the reader a little sample, but force them to view the full page to read the full post.  Obviously, it is easier to get comments on a post if the person is on your page, rather than reading on a feed.  If they can read the full post on a feed, it takes extra effort to come to the blog and comment, so it has to be something they really want to comment on.  I get it.  But it annoys me when I can’t see the full post in a feed.  I’m actually less likely to come over to the blog.  So I don’t limit my feed.

Every “Blog Success” article I read says “Have a niche.”  SewingSouthern PeopleDatingMotherhoodLegal mattersPhotography.  And while at times my blog could be classified as a Dating Blog, it’s really not.  It’s my life.  It’s what I’m thinking now, today, about this, or that.  It’s how I feel, and more importantly, it’s how I think.   I admit, I’m scattered.  My brain is usually in twenty different places at once.  I sit down to meditate, and I’ll have words coming out of my mouth, but I’m thinking about what I saw on TV last night, and I’m wondering how the cat is doing and if his new food is working, and I’m conscious of the fact that the neighbor is doing laundry and there’s a stray cat walking by outside, and will my cat see him?

I saw something the other day that said most blogs fail because all you talk about is yourself.  But…that’s kind of the point, right?  I mean, yes, there are great blogs out there that are as informative as CNN, Wikipedia, and Youtube put together, with quality, usable information.  But the whole point of a blog is an online diary.  That’s kinda how it started.  This is my life.  Deal with it.  Of course I want you to read it, and obviously I expect you to enjoy certain posts more than others.  But I don’t want to “niche” myself, why would I “niche” my blog?  I don’t have a focus in my life, why would I have one on my blog?  Which, of course,  begs the observation, “Maybe if you had focus on your blog, you would have focus in your life.”  Yeah, whatever.  Bite me.  😉

They like me! They really like me!

A couple of weeks ago, I was approached to do a guest blog.

Yes, me.

I was honored.  Surprised.  Amazed.  Stunned.  Excited.

And scared.

Actually, I wasn’t scared until I suddenly couldn’t form any coherent thoughts on the subject of choice (dating).  I could not come up with any words.

But I finally did it.  Two hours in a mechanic’s waiting room was all I needed.  Must have been the oil fumes.

You can read my post, What’s in a match.com username, on Life in 3D.  Stick around to read some great posts from Charlotte J.

And thank you, Life in 3D people, for choosing me!

Delightful Year, Continued

As I mentioned in this post, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue my “Picture a Day” project for 2011, but I did want to work on taking better pictures.

But then, I discovered that taking a picture each day is second nature now.  So I’m continuing the project, although I ‘m not guaranteeing a picture for each day, because some of my days I don’t even leave the house.  But I will be doing pictures most days.

January is mostly updated – you can view it here.

Also, I evidently inspired my friend GeauxGirl to challenge herself to a picture a day.  You can view her photos here.

Emotional Math

Lots of future posts floating around in my head right now.  I’ll organize my thoughts and get to them all sooner or later.  In the meantime, I just read a wonderful post by IzzieDarling:

  • Just because … I can’t see doesn’t mean I don’t want to. Often times, we are irritated and impatient with others when we believe they are beating a dead horse, not moving fast enough, lazy, playing the victim. Guilty. Add compassion.
  • Just because … you find yourself “lost” does not mean you will not be “found”. Subtract despair, multiply hope.
  • Just because … you face the unknown on all fronts does not mean anything other than you may be at the doorstep of the best life you’ve ever known. Negative thinking is easy. Divide it into smithereens, erase, and add amazing possibilities to each and every half empty glass in your possession.

Read more here:  Just Because: Do the Math.

Delightfully Happy

“Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”  -Abraham Lincoln

As previously mentioned, I have made up my mind to be happy, about something, every day.  Even if it’s been a horrible day and I’m happy to be in bed!

I originally was going to do a twitter feed, but…well, read my last post.  Then I thought about doing it as part of my blog, but that’s a lot of posts.  Then I thought about doing a page on my blog, but that’s a long page come December.  Finally, I decided to do a post a week, listing out each day within the week.

Guess what?  I changed my mind again.  Hey, I get to do that!!  🙂

Introducing:  Delightfully Happy.  I’m still playing around with the theme, but it’s up and running (and properly backdated at this point). Take a look.  Tell me what you think.  Leave a note telling me why YOU’RE happy.

My soul too bare

Well, I’ve been working on a blog post for over a week now, one of those painful, soul-baring, emotional ones, but now I find I’m hesitant to post it.  Throughout the life of this blog, I’ve known that this blog is public and anyone could read it, and particularly within the last 9 months I’ve been aware that The Pilot and/or his girlfriend could read it, but I regarded it as a possibility, not a probability or a definite.  Plausible deniability, if you will.  But now I’m aware that The Pilot’s friend reads it, and I find I’m not as willing to bare my soul.  Odd, huh?

I don’t know, I may still post it.  You see, I’ve always thought of the internet as this wonderful thing, giving proof that you are not alone in the world.  Whatever problem I may have had, I have almost always been able to find someone else going through the same thing.  I’d like to feel like I may have done that for someone else.  Plus, as I always say, this is my form of therapy.

There’s a short story by Sandra Cisneros called “Mango Says Goodbye Sometimes.”  In it, she says, “I put it down on paper and then the ghost does not ache so much.  I write it down and Mango says goodbye sometimes.  She does not hold me with both arms.  She sets me free.”  I’ve often felt that way about writing and blogging.  That’s why I consider it therapy.  Instead of paying someone to listen to me and nod their head and offer paltry non-advice, I type it out and get the input of my peers (for free!).

So, what do you think, Peers?  Should I post what I was going to post anyway, or no?

What do you think?

I changed my theme again.  I liked the look of my old one, but the font wasn’t great, and I hated the way the links showed up.  So, out with the old, in with the new.

You like?  Hate?

Not a Resolution

2009 went by insanely fast. I don’t know what happened to the days.

They say that the older you are, the quicker time goes by. It makes sense. A ten year old spent 10% of his life in 2009. I spent less than .5% of my life in 2009. Being super busy at work and a little scattered at home contributed to a lot of “wasted” time. In December, I thought it was May.

What happened during that lost time?

2010 will be different. I will live each day. I will keep track of time, in an effort to slow it down. That’s my theme for the year, if you will.

How will I do this?

A picture a day, for each day of the year. One picture, and one picture only, that captures the day. I can’t take credit for the idea – I got it from Taylor McKnight (where I found out about it, and McKnight’s website). I was originally going to try to do a blog a day, and was looking for prompts, when I ran across the idea. And I love it. I worry that there will be some days that I just post a picture of my cat, but that’s okay. That day will not be lost.

Last year, my friend Jen resolved to put the camera down and enjoy life. I’m vowing to pick the camera up for the same reason.

You can check my photoblog here:  www.photoblog.com/DelightfulYear/   I’ve also added an rss feed to the right side of this page…although, it’s not working yet, so we’ll see how well this works.

Team Jacob, but not Team Taylor

My friend geauxgirl sent me a blog post from author Jen Lancaster the other day that made me laugh out loud.  She went to see New Moon, and the only people in the theater were women in their 30s and 40s.  When the character of Jacob took off his shirt, all the women gasped, then laughed, “and suddenly every Cougar for Cullen in that room started doing the kind of math that does not lead to any answer other than shame and possible jail time.” 

I read all the Twilight books, and New Moon was by far my favorite, so I was looking forward to seeing the movie.  I’ve been on “Team Jacob” all along.  (Hm, pasty skinny pale cold as marble chest vs. yummy muscled searing hot cut chest…let me think…)  I’d seen that Jacob Lautner had bulked up for the new film, and I was thinking he was looking pretty hot.  Not in a statutory rape kind of way, just in a…hell, have you seen him?

I had yesterday off and decided to see New Moon with the cougars, rather than the tweens.  And I really enjoyed it.  I think they did a good job.  Robert Pattinson is growing on me as Edward, and Taylor lived up to my expectations, bod-wise.  Kristin Stewart, I’ve thought all along, is perfect as Bella.  The only part I cringed at was the first appearance of a wolf.  The wolf was not…believable.  After that first appearance, it wasn’t as bad, although I don’t know if it was just that it was less noticable after the first time. 

But here is the surprise.  Unless he’s smiling and good-natured, Taylor does nothing for me, face-wise.  I just want to cut him off at the neck and paste someone else’s face on the body.  When he smiles, though, I think he looks quite a bit like Matt Damon.  I think it’s the smile.  And that’s when I really *heart* him.  Not in an icky “he’s underage” way, but in a “he’s so darn cute how can you not love him” way.