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2010 Effigy

A few years ago my friend Jen introduced us to a new New Year’s Eve custom:  The making of an effigy, things you want to leave behind with the change of the year, and the burning of said effigy.

I am quite proud of my effigy this year.  I used my “Imaginary boyfriend” bumper sticker for the body, cards that The Pilot had given me for arms and legs, and, of course, a picture of him for his head.  Then I filled his body with other things I want to leave behind me (car troubles, sick kitty) and other bad things that happened this year (getting laid off).  There’s a penny I pressed in Tahoe for The Pilot in his hand.  I had a card I had bought him, that’s where the plane comes from. 

I can’t wait to burn this thing. 

See some other great effigies here.

(Edited to add:)

Earth Art

Some beautiful art work, and it’s right under our noses.


When they say “Living and Breathing Art”

They don’t actually mean literally.

Willard Wigan is an artist.  He does sculptures…within the eye of a standard sewing needle.  

Check out this video – it’s amazing.  He carves sculptures out of a grain of sand.  He paints them with a single strand of hair.  He may have inhaled one of his works of art.

“The teachers at school made me feel small, they made me feel like nothing.  I’m trying to prove to the world that nothing doesn’t exist.”

Here’s his website.

Build an Art Collection


I read about this site somewhere this weekend. They release 2 pieces of art each week (one photo and one work on paper) for $20, until they are sold out (200 reproductions).

Couple of fun things for you today-

Paintings of people swimming with their head above water.

Guess the Amazon rating based on the book cover.

Presidential Debate Drinking Game.

Thanks to the people at metafilter.

For your viewing pleasure –

A friend turned me on to artist Carrie Graber several years ago.  I love looking at her work.  Do you ever see something that makes you forget everything around you?  You forget to swallow, to even breathe, you loose track of time, and when you come out of it you feel…different.  At peace.  That’s how I feel when I see these paintings.  They are intimate, sexy, beautiful, revealing, vulnerable. 

Some favorites, here, here, here, here, here, here (I love the reflection detail), here, here, here.