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Learn something about…KDGE

KDGE, The Edge, is, hands down, the best radio station, ever. 

No, really.

When I was in high school, you could find KDGE on 94.1 in Dallas.  I remember, driving up from college on I-35, you couldn’t get KDGE until you were about ten miles south of town.  That was one of my “You know you’re home when” signs, when I could get KDGE on the radio, even with lots of static. 

KDGE is where I first heard of Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Bowling for Soup, Deep Blue Something, The Toadies (I’ve actually been to Possum Kingdom Lake), and other somewhat-local bands far before they were ever popular nation-wide.  It’s also where I first heard, courtesy of fabulous DJ Jessie in the afternoon, the remix version of Poe’s “Hey, Pretty” with Mark Danieleski reading from his book House of Leaves.

So, yeah, KDGE has had a huge impact on my life.

KDGE moved to 102.1 in 2000, and you can still find it there today, or, ONLINE!  Oh, that makes me so happy.  I still listen live, and I still think it’s the best radio station in the world.  Check out Jessie in the afternoon – I still think she’s the best!