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A Lunch Buffet, with Melons

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I met a friend for lunch today.  At a strip club.

I’ve never been to a strip club, despite my curiosity.  I’ve voiced my curiosity and desire to go to a strip club to many of my exes – you would think one of them would have taken me up on it. 

I get the appeal of strip clubs, I do.  What I don’t get is the “tip bar” area (I had to look that up). 

Here’s the scene – you’re at lunch, with business associates, enjoying a (admittedly quite good) lunch buffet.  A woman comes on stage, dressed, and dances for one song, then a second song starts, and off comes her top.  You stand up, walk over to the stage, and the woman shakes either her butt or her breasts in your face. 

In  my opinion, you have just lowered your coleagues’ opinion of you.  You are now, for lack of a better word, a perv. 

I don’t know, maybe it’s different for guys – maybe they don’t see other men that way.

I get it if someone buys you a lap dance.  I get it if you’re out on a Friday night, having a good time, drinking.  I don’t get the business lunch scenario.

How about a funny story?

A commercial came on for the male version of the Shake Weight for Men.  My friend said he hated that commercial, he thought it was stupid.  I snickered, then was distracted by a man, standing at the tip bar, getting his face buried in cleavage.  Several moments passed, and the following conversation took place:

  • Him:  “How hard up are those guys to do that?”
  • Me:  “Pretty much what I was thinking.”
  • Him:  “What do they have to say to those guys, pay them, to get them to do it?”
  • Me:  “Yeah, I really don’t get that at all.”
  • Him:  “I wouldn’t want to be the guy up there looking like he’s jacking off.”
  • Me:  (laughs)
  • Him:  “You couldn’t pay me to touch that.”
  • Me:  “Well, that’s kind of harsh, don’t you think?”
  • Him:  “Huh?”

The whole time, I thought he was talking about the guy at the tip bar with the stripper.  He was talking about the Shake Weight commercial.