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The mundane of the day

  • I’ve recently found a new method of dealing with The Knee.  Spend about 40 minutes walking, under 3mph, while surfing the internet, checking email, facebook, match, etc.  (Hey, you try typing and using a mouse when you’re walking over 3 mph.)  Ice knee.  Do some stuff around the house for a couple of hours.  Back on the treadmill, load up video on Netflix or Hulu, and run/walk for 30-40 minutes, with breaks to do some arm work.  Ice knee.  So far, it’s done pretty good, I’ve been getting about 3.25 miles in without The Knee acting up.
  • Made it to 4 miles on the treadmill today.  The Knee (I should probably name it) did not particularly care for the last half mile.
  • I saw photos of my Denver Ex at a wedding.  I’ve been kind of lurking on his friends blog, and he posted some photos.  The Ex looks good.  The same.  I…I don’t really know what more to say.  I don’t miss him.  But I do.  I think I just miss those early days with him, before the move, before…everything went to shit.  Nostalgia.
  • Speaking of exes…I noticed The Pilot’s friend looked at my profile on match a couple of weeks ago.  Thought that was pretty funny.  Not necessarily funny-haha….
  • I had a nice date last night with a new guy.  We were in NoDa for dinner and stopped by The Dog Bar.  Dogs like him, so I guess that’s a plus in his column.  We’ll see.
  • I really want to re-tile my bathroom – walls and floors.  I’d love to put some mosaic tiles on the walls, but I worry that it’ll go out of style by the time I decide to sell, and it won’t show well. 
  • It’s funny how we go about our lives.  Today is just another Saturday, but it isn’t.  I forget that, then I remember, and I feel…bad…for forgetting.  Then I get busy doing something and I forget again.  Nine Years.  I still remember that feeling.  I got out of the shower, flipped on the news, turned to walk away, wondering why they were showing footage of Oklahoma City.  Stopped.  Blinked.  That wasn’t OKC.  Pivot back around, stare at screen, trying to comprehend.  Sink onto couch.  Watch live as the news reporter at the Pentagon, on the phone, stopped talking, then said, “Oh my god.”  Watch live as the Towers fell.  Feeling numb.  Eyes filled with tears, but not actually crying.  Too numb to actually cry.  That’s how I still feel.  Like I’m in suspended disbelief.
  • But life goes on.  Off to take a shower, then heading uptown.  Food, beer, football, and friends.  I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday night.
  • Love to all.  Look around you – these are the people that count.