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Gotta Love 80s TV

Did we actually think the acting in these shows was good at the time?  I mean, seriously.

Last night I happened to catch an episode of The A-Team, c.1983.  This one happened to be about a hijacked plane…kind of funny, considering…

You can watch the full episode on hulu.  I beg of you, with my entire being, please watch the first five minutes. For even more fun, wait until they shoot out an airplane window, and they have to land the plane:


It…It…It…It was the 80’s.

This is one of my favorite blog posts ever.  I giggle every time I read it. 

I bought a friend of mine the Live Aid DVD a few years ago for Christmas, and I had to include a printout of this post.  What’s funny is that I think my friend was kind of “meh” about the gift, but now we tend to plug it in often, and it really is amazing how good the DVD is.  I was a little young for Live Aid, so it’s fun to see the performances (and the clothing!!).