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10 questions for 2010

I came across this little “Mad Lib” on CNN and thought it sounded fun.

As the year ends, it’s a time to look back and remember everything that you’ve seen and accomplished. CNN iReport is taking a look back at 2010, and we want you to help us.

We were doing some Mad Libs in the newsroom and got inspired to try an assignment in that vein, so we came up with a list of fill-in-the-blank prompts requesting information from you — to answer on camera.

Now, obviously I’m not going to do a video, but I thought it sounded fun.  So here we go:

1. 2010: How do you pronounce it? Two thousand ten

2. Make a facial expression that shows how you feel about the year. (eyes rolled back into head, tongue stuck out with open mouth)

3. The best thing I bought was my Acer mini.

4. For me, 2010 was tough to handle[Answer with three words]

5. I totally cringed this year when LSU quarterback Jefferson missed the snap with 2 seconds left in the game.

6. The best thing on the Internet by far was my blog. 😉

7. I’m pretty sure I overshared on Facebook this year when I said I was “freaking the hell out” on January 8th, the day I realized my “boyfriend” of a year and a half had changed his phone number.  I thought he was dead.  Then I wished he was.

8. The best day of the year was December 31.  This year is OVER!

9. The best place I visited was (sadly) Myrtle Beach, which is 175 miles from where I live.

10. Next year, I’m planning to make it a better year.

What about you?

Capturing Life – A Photo a Day

As you know, I’ve been documenting my year in pictures – DelightfulYear. I’m already planning on taking some of the better pictures and making a photo book, as well as doing a 2010 photo book to include pictures with, you know, people. I decided I would do one for 2009, as well. I’ve been quite lax in keeping track of pictures over the years, but I figured I would be able to figure out which pictures were taken last year, since it wasn’t that long ago.

And then I realized – I have almost no pictures from last year. I have pictures from the scavenger hunt The Pilot and I did in February. I have pictures from Tahoe in July. I have pictures from flying with The Pilot in November. And I have pictures from the Cruise in December and Christmas. And almost none of these include pictures of the people in my life.

That’s it. Huge gaps in the year.

Which makes me even more glad I decided to do a picture a day this year. Even if some of the pictures have been complete crap, and even though I have missed a few days, I’ve been very mindful of taking pictures, as well as getting out there and doing things to take pictures of.

Am I planning on doing a picture a day again next year? I haven’t decided yet. I don’t want to strap myself to a commitment like that again, but it’s certainly kept me cognizant of taking photos. Further, I really want to work on taking good pictures, working with camera angle and depth of field and composition, but I obviously can’t do that every day. And will I continue to do a photo to represent my life, or do I just want to work on random, interesting pictures?

Maybe I’ll do a “Life in 2011” photo journal, without committing myself to a picture a day, but still committing myself to documenting my life. And, in addition to that (or within that framework), work on 1-2 “artistic” photos a week.

All of that would be easier if I had my Dream Camera (digital SLR of some flavor, probably Canon, although I haven’t done the research). I could work a lot more with all of the more artistic qualities of photography, and I wouldn’t feel as weird whipping out my camera at random moments. Nobody would think much about a woman taking a picture of a weed growing out of the sidewalk with a professional quality camera. A woman whipping out her little digital camera and taking a picture of a weed? Looks like she’s with the Home Owners Association and is going to report you for not keeping your sidewalk clean.