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broccoli cornbread – little bits o’ heaven (via one tough lady lives on)

This is the only way I eat cornbread. I made it a couple of weeks ago for my cooking club, and one of the women asked for the recipe, her boyfriend loved it so much. I had to search my friend’s blog to find it (Categories, love, Categories), so I’m posting it here so the I can find it better. 🙂

Aunt Lois’ broccoli cornbread is in almost all of our family cookbooks that I’ve ever seen, but the below was pasted directly from an email to me from Tough Lady herself below, typos and all.    I was at the office, heading to the store on the way home, and had left the recipe at home but I knew she’d have it. What I didn’t realize was that she’d done this one so often that she was able to write the recipe from memory. I can’t imagine a holiday o … Read More

via one tough lady lives on