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The Amazing Race, Episode 6

Wow, seems like just today that Episode 5 was on!¬† ūüôā

We are still in Dubai, for those who are curious….¬† Isn’t it funny how once something comes to your attention, you notice it everywhere?¬† Like when you hear a new word – let’s say “accoutrements” (fitting, since the first time I heard it was on TAR) – and you’ve never heard it before, and then you hear it ALL THE TIME.¬† Anyways…¬† Did you know the Palm Jumeira is bigger than 800 football fields, and cost more than $12 billion to create.¬† Wow.

I think the only team I don’t really dig is the Poker Girls.¬† I like everyone else.¬† Go figure.¬† There’s no team for me to actively hate.¬† That’s…different.¬†

Off to Amsterdam.  They have to drive on a 19 mile causeway.  Have I mentioned my fear of driving over long stretches of water?

I love this group!¬† They all get along so well!¬† It’s great to watch, after many seasons of bickering teams¬†and asshat behaviour.¬† And, wow, did I just spell that the British way?

Roadblock – who’s got stong legs and keen eyes.¬† Well, crap.¬† We’re on top of a building.¬† Strong legs=stairs?¬† Keen eyes=looking for something?¬† The Pilot certainly has more attention to detail, I think.¬† He’ll do it.¬† Yep, must climb the tower and count the number of bells.¬† (I really must figure out how many roadblocks I’ve assigned each of us.)

Hmmm…Sam gave the number of bells to the Poker Girl, so she didn’t have to count.¬† However, isn’t that part of the clue, to count?¬† Will they take a penalty for that?

Detour:¬† Farmer’s Game or Farmer’s Dance.¬† In Game, they have to swim across the creek and play three holes of “farmer’s golf” – looks¬†kind of like¬†croquet.¬† In Dance, teams must learn and perform a dance, then eat salted herring.¬† Ew – salted herring?¬† I think we’ll do Game.¬† And evidently Matt is with me – he saw herring and switched tasks!¬† It kind of triggers my gag reflex just thinking about it.

Poker Girls pulled a Quadruple switch!  They chose a task, switched, switched again, and then switched again!  That may be a first in the history of the race.  Aaaaand they are done for.  

Fabulous episode РI think one of the better ones in recent history. 

Holy crap holy crap holy crap!!¬† Next week, they’re doing the hay bales again!¬† The roadblock that kicked the Mormon Sisters’ Asses.¬† And it looks just as bad this time around – can’t wait!!


The Amazing Race, Episode 5

I’m finally getting around to watching last week’s episode.¬† I didn’t make it home until super late last Sunday, and haven’t had a chance to watch it at all this week.¬† Here we go, Episode 5:

Oh, wow – and I just found out that I didn’t get the first part of the episode, for some reason.¬† Usually I have problems with the end¬† of the episode.¬† Thank god I can watch online, right?

The teams start out in Dubai.¬† “Dubai is like an island Vegas.”¬†

Roadblock:¬† Who’s ready to row row row their boat?¬† I think The Pilot will do this one.¬† Wait, how many have we done?¬† You need to row out to a yacht.

Oh, good, I only missed like the first 4 minutes or so.¬† Back¬†to Tivo – it’s easier to stop and rewind than the internet. ūüôā

Matt brought hair dye with him?  Dude, space is limited.

You know, I never knew people didn’t know how to row a boat.¬† I think people had a problem with it last season, or maybe the season before that.¬† It’s been a long time for me, so I probably shouldn’t talk, but really, is it that hard?¬† One guy knelt in the bow and paddled with one oar, like a canoe.¬† Two guys used their hands to paddle, rather than the oars.¬† Oh, but the GIRL knows how to row!¬† Ha, take THAT!

Detour:¬† Gold or Glass?¬† In gold, they need to weigh out $500,000 worth of gold.¬† In glass, they need to assemble 12 hookahs.¬† Hmmmmm……I don’t know.¬† Gold, maybe?¬† This might be a case of rock, paper, scissors.¬† Although, gold certainly seems easier.¬† Just load up the scale with one amount, check the exchange rate, and adjust.¬†

OMG.¬† “Does a Muslim clock work different?”¬† Really????

Hey,¬†Ericka is wearing a VS bathing suit!¬† I recognize the top! ūüôā

Ah, I am so loving the father/son team!¬† They’re having fun!¬† I don’t care what anyone says, THAT is the whole point of the race.

Mika can’t make herself go down the slide – she’s afraid of water and heights, and water slide is something like 90 feet, I think they said.¬† You could tell she was terrified.¬† I don’t doubt that terror.¬† I just don’t understand it.¬† I’m not afraid of much, and even stuff I’m afraid of, I can usually get through.¬† If they tell me I have to pick up a tarantula and carry it for the rest of the race, I could do it, even though I hatehatehate spiders.¬† And my heart would probably be in my throat the entire time.¬† But I could do it.¬† Mika can’t overcome, though, so they’re out of the race.




The Amazing Race, Episode 4

Delayed again, due to OT football.¬† But I got to watch a little special on Drew Barrymore on 60 Minutes, which was neat.¬† I really like her.¬† I think she’s accomplished much, all things considered.¬† She’s not perfect – far from it.¬† Which is why she’s so great.¬†

The Amazing Race!¬† (Let’s relive the sad elimination of Zev and Justin.¬† Okay, done.)

The pit stop was in Cambodia.¬† And ANOTHER actual CLUE.¬† God, I’m loving¬† this season.¬† They are off to Dubai, to the World’s Tallest Building.¬† Of course, one team doesn’t know where the Persian Gulf is.¬† (Shakes her head…)¬†¬† Hee hee – then Ericka is like, “duh, it’s in Dubai!”¬† Good on you.¬† And then, one team goes to the airport and asks for tickets to the Persian Gulf. The woman says, I don’t know where that is.¬† And they tell the next team that arrives, “The Persian Gulf isn’t even a country.”¬† Wow.

What is up with the cameras in Dubai?¬† They all are foggy.¬† Oh, it’s evidently extremely hot.¬† Condensation is a bitch.

Okay, so they have to go up¬†the world’s tallest building.¬† Some people are freaking out, scared of heights, thinking they have to jump off the top.¬† They take an elevator to the top.¬† Go to the clue box, and then ride the elevator back down. OOOOOOO, SCARY!¬† What the heck?

There’s a fast forward available on this leg. A fast forward is where you get to skip all tasks and go directly to the pit stop.¬† Only one team can get it.¬† Now, IMO, when everyone is bunched like this, and you know bunching is going to happen again, I don’t know that the fast forward is worth it.¬† Especially if you know other teams are going for it, too.¬† But that’s me.

Roid Rage Couple:¬† Him “This Exit?”¬† Her “No.”¬† “This exit?” (Regarding the exact same exit.)¬† “No, no.”¬† “This exit?”¬† “No. Straight.¬† I said no three times.”¬† “So we’re not supposed to be on this exit?”¬† “No.”¬† Wow.¬† Dude.

Roadblock:  Who thinks they can beat the desert heat?  Hm.  I think The Pilot will take this one. 

Okay, I’m liking Brian.¬† He’s helpful.¬† He shares information.¬† That’s how I would be, all about karma and do unto others and reap what you sow.¬† Of course, The Pilot would be the complete opposite, trying to point teams the wrong direction.¬† That would definitely be a bone of contention with us.¬† However, when the Poker Players kill their car, Sam and Dan need to leave.¬† Yes, she helped with your ladle, but there’s nothing you can do to help her in this situation.¬† LEAVE.

“Take your time, but be fast.”¬† That’s…prophetic.¬† Oh, wait – “I’m never going forward again”, in regards to driving.¬† Good luck with that.¬† “I’m an asian female driver,” and that’s her excuse for breaking the car.¬† Way to live up to a stereotype.

I hate it when racers plead with God.¬† “Please god, help me find this, Please god, don’t let us be last.”¬† God is in the bathtub, STFU.

Detour:¬† Build a snowman, or find a snowman.¬† In Build, you have to take snow from Ski Dubai and build a snowman, outside, where it’s¬†130 degrees.¬† In Find, you sled down the hill and look through the snow at the bottom¬†for a tiny snowman.¬† ¬† Well, I was going to say Build, but changed my mind to find.¬† Yes, it’s like finding a clue in a haystack (ode to sisters on previous race), but I think it would be better than building and having the snowman melt on you before you finish.

“Isn’t it funny how you can drive a 120 miles here, and it feels like 60?”¬† “Well, it’s a 120 kilometers, which is about 60 mph.”¬†¬† The quotes in this episode are killing me.

Ericka laughing during the sledding was hysterical – she was having so much fun!¬† That’s great.

Pit stop looks beautiful:¬† Souk Madinet Jumeirah¬† And you can see that one hotel in the background, the one with the helicopter pad, that’s built in the water.

Yep, fully in love with Brian and Ericka. 

Blondie can’t sled, because she’s never done it.¬† It’s SLEDDING!¬† It doesn’t take any skill!¬† And isn’t that part of the race experience, to do things you’ve never done before?

Roid Rage wants to kick the snowman he just built.¬† Why does he always want to kick things?¬† But, YAY!!¬† He’s off my TV!¬† Now I have to find a new team to hate!¬† I don’t think I can do that…

Next week, on the amazing race:¬† Blondie freaks out with floaties on, and her¬†uber-religious boyfriend tries to throw her down the waterslide.¬† Gee, that looks like it’ll be fun to watch.

The Amazing Race, Episode 3

A late start to the show tonight, thanks to a football game.¬† But that’s why I set my Tivo to keep recording for an extra hour. ūüôā

We start out in Ho Chi Minh City, with the Globetrotters in first place.¬† And we’re off to…Cambodia.

So, all teams leave within an hour of each other, before 8pm, and the first flight out is at 12:30 the next day.¬† That’s quite a wait.

Really kind of loving Justin, who took¬†Zev under his wing at some camp, which makes me think they were somewhat young at the time.¬† A kid who is willing to be friends with “the wierdo,” as I’m sure Zev was known as, and they are still friends…yeah, kind of crushing on him. ūüôā

You know, all this talk about two teams not getting on the first flight, people thinking it would be “nice to have some breathing room”…I’m thinking they’re going to get on the flight.¬† “We need to be on that plane…it’s a race…it’s very important that we get on the first flight…we need to get on that plane…” DunDunDun – commercial.¬† (And I’m so glad Miss teen SC can make fun of herself…even though I don’t think she realizes that she is, in fact, making fun of herself.)

Back from commercial.¬† Oh, look at that!!¬† Both teams got on the flight!¬† Whodathunkit?¬† (Note to the usually fabulous editors – when you pump¬†it up that much, it’s not that big a surprise.)¬† Oh, and Mr. Roid Rage:¬† “No cheap win, bitches!”¬†¬† Yeah, dude, calm the F down.

They get a picture of Jackie O, and several of the teams recognize her.¬† But then…”It’s definetly Queen Elizabeth.”¬† “Definitely someone of Cambodian descent, she looked like the people of Cambodia.”¬† Hmm.¬† I’ve never thought Jackie O looked Asian…

Detour!!!  Cover or Wrap.  In cover, teams have to sell helmets.  In wrap, they have to find someone in an identical wrap as one they are given.  Well, I think Wrap sounds easier, but often on the race, selling to the locals is amazingly easy.  I think this is a rock, paper, scissors moment for The Pilot and me.

Eeek.¬† Justin & Zev tell their taxi driver they are looking for a woman wearing that particular scarf, in a way that sounds like they expect him to help look.¬† I wonder if that’s allowed?¬† The Globetrotters do it, too.

Roadblock:¬† Who’s ready to go bananas?¬† No visual clues…I’ll do it.¬† Oh, great.¬† I have to learn to be a monkey.¬† Fabulous.¬† The Pilot will laugh at me for MONTHS for this one.¬† Okay, so, Meghan is doing the monkey task, and Cheyne says, “bend over, yes baby, that’s it, that’s it.”¬† …I have such a dirty mind.

First team – Zev &¬†Justin.¬† 2nd – Sam & Dan.¬† 3rd – Globetrotters.¬† But then, Zev finds out he lost his passport, and unless they find it, they will be out of the race.¬† Off they go to retrace their steps, and they lose they’re first place finish.

Mr. Roid Rage does a roundhouse kick on the way to the mat, for some reason. 

And, of course, my love for Justin at the beginning of the race has doomed them at the end.¬† The Poker Players arrive last, but get to stay because someone didn’t strap their passport to their ass.¬† That’s one of the top 10 rules, guys.¬†

Next time, on The Amazing Race:  Off to Dubai, with a lot of extremes.

The Amazing Race, Episode 2

WHOOO!  Episode 2!

(Update from Episode 1 РI was wrong.  The Pilot would have chosen to go to the hotel to book tickets.  I stand corrected.)

At this point, there’s no one I really (really) dislike.¬† Which is kind of nice.¬† And certainly a change.

Ah, so there was a monsoon in Vietnam.¬† Good to know.¬† 10 teams remain.¬† Who will be eliminated…next?

The pit stop moved while they were resting – I think that’s a first.¬† And it doesn’t allow the teams to do any recon, which is interesting.¬† And did Matt dye his hair pink at the pit stop?¬† I don’t remember it being pink before.

And another actual clue!!!¬† It’s not just “go here, do this.”¬† That’s awesome.¬† I really wish they did more of that.

Detour:¬† Child’s Play or Word Play.¬† I vote Word Play.¬† I’ll have to check with The Pilot.¬† Only one team chose it, but they couldn’t figure out to ask someone for help.

Okay, Lance is getting on my nerves.¬† ‘Roid Rage, anyone?

Roadblock:¬† Who’s ready for a complete breakdown?¬† Um…no visual clues about what this might be.¬† I’m thinking this one is The Pilot’s.¬† Probably a good thing – you had to breakdown and sort¬†electronics.

Okay, so the Pit Stop is at the Reunification Palace, which is historical in that tanks broke the gates to end the Vietnam War.¬† And, yet, it seems no one they ask knows where it is.¬† How is that?¬† If you’re in DC and ask where the White House is, everyone will know.¬† What’s up with that?

Thoughts:¬† Lance tore the VCR apart with his hands without bothering to unscrew the bolts because “it’s the man thing to do.”¬† Really?¬† I wonder how far behind the older couple were, and if them not asking for help killed them.¬†

Still no favorites, but definitely a team I dislike now. Actually, just one person I dislike: Lance.  He cannot leave my TV fast enough.

The Amazing Race – Episode 1

Every season, I say I’m going to blog about TAR and what I would do if I was on it.¬† This season, I’m really going to do it.¬† I’m going to imagine that The Pilot and I are competing on TAR Season 15.¬† I will ramble – I apologize in advance.

Here we go!! 

No teams annoy me at the beginning, so that’s already a plus.¬† Cool little twist at the beginning – one team doesn’t even make it past the starting line!¬† And it’s an actual clue!¬† They need to find a license plate in Japanese, and it’s actually written on the clue.¬† Unfortunately, some of the teams aren’t smart enough to figure that out…¬† And, wow, the married yoga instructors are out first!¬† I really thought they’d make it far.¬† Just goes to show….

On to Tokyo.  And someone starts speaking Spanish.  Happens every season.

OMG!¬† It’s a Japanese Game Show!!¬† That is too funny.¬† Oh, my, they have to eat a “wasabi bomb.”¬† Ouch!¬† They have two minutes to eat it.¬† It doesn’t say if this is a roadblock (where only one team member does it), and there is no clue about what it will be.¬† But, if¬†you choose which team member does it based¬†simply on what¬†you are presented with, then I would be the one doing this.¬† I’m the sushi fan, The¬†Pilot just eats it.

¬†And the Professional Poker Players are out. OH, NO!!¬† They are saved by a non-elimination leg!!¬† A NEL on the first leg?!¬† Wow.¬† But, they have a two hour penalty, and a “speed bump” coming up – that’s going to put them pretty far behind starting out on the next leg.¬† Can they overcome it?¬† We shall see….

Oh, we’re starting the second leg tonight!¬† On to Vietnam.¬† Some teams go straight to the airport.¬† Some¬†teams go to a hotel to book tickets online.¬† Which is better?¬† Knowing The Pilot, he would probably want to go straight to the airport and try to talk his way into something.¬† I’ll have to ask him.¬† (Honey, it’s 12:30am in Tokyo, and we need to catch a flight to Vietnam.¬† Should we go to the airport, or should we go across the street to the hotel and try to book tickets online?)

It’s evidently monsoon season in Vietnam – they’re wading through¬†calf deep water in the streets.¬† And then they go thigh deep in mud!¬† Fun!¬† Although, I always hate the locals laughing at everyone.¬† Or, I should say, I like it, but I would hate it if they were laughing at me.

Roadblock!¬† “Who’s feeling just ducky?”¬† Well, okay, there are a bunch of ducks, and there seems to be a bit of a corral.¬† Based on that….Hmm, I think this will be a case of Rock Paper Scissors.

That’s my number 1 rule.¬† In the event that we can’t decide what to do, we’re going to play Rock Paper Scissors.¬† It’s easy, it’s fast, and it’s definitive.¬† It saves us from going back and forth trying to decided which one of us is right.¬† In this roadblock, it doesn’t appear (based on the clues) that one of us would be better than the other.¬† So, Rock Paper Scissors.

Another rule:  If I say Shut Up during a roadblock, then you better shut up.  There is constructive help, and then there is just yelling.  I will accept pointers.  I will accept constructive criticism.  I will accept praise and cheering support.  Up to a point.  At that point, be quiet.  And I will try to do the same.

Aaaaaannnddd, one of the nondescript “dating” couples is out.¬† I wish I could say that you will be missed, but you won’t be.¬† In 5 weeks, when I see you in the opening credits, I will wrinkle my brow and wonder who you were.

The Bachelorette’s Bachelors

So, as I said before, I would have to watch The Bachelorette if Jillian was on there.¬† And she is.¬† So, yes, I’ll be watching.¬†

I flipped through the slideshow of the men she gets to choose from.  And I already have a favorite.  Jake, 31, commercial airline pilot, from Dallas. 

Gee, huge surprise there, right?

Well, damn.

It seems the cable company finally caught up with me.¬† I have no more extended cable.¬† No TNT.¬† No USA.¬† No E!¬† And –¬†I’m sure The Pilot will be very upset with this – no Comedy Central.¬† Oh, and no¬† more HBO.¬†

Oh, well.¬† I can’t complain too much – I did get it all for free for…more than a year now, I think.¬†

I’m just going to have to get more acquainted with hulu.

But whatever will I do without The Soup?!

The Bachelor – My take

So, I know I’m not the first to blog about this, but I feel the need to at least write down my thoughts.¬† I should say that I gave in and listened to/read the spoilers on this season, so I knew pretty much what was coming.¬†

For those of you who didn’t become addicted this season….well, wait, let me back up some.

I¬†don’t normally watch The Bachelor.¬† I don’t think I’ve watched more than three episodes since it’s been on.¬† But I got sucked into¬†The Bachelorette last season, when the final two came down to Jason and Jesse.¬† I was one of those who was pretty much in love with Jason, I was on the “Jason Bandwagon,” and I was completely floored when DeAnna chose Jesse over Jason.¬† Last summer, I heard they were doing a casting call here in Charlotte for The Bachelor, and I half considered going.¬† Except that (a) I am completely against my 15 minutes of fame being on a crappy reality show (or on the news after a tornado hits or the guy next door kills 20 people (“He seemed like such a nice guy!”)), (b) I would never in a million years try out for something like this, and (c) I had recently begun dating The Pilot, and I wanted to see where that would go.¬† Then, about a month after the casting call, I found out The Bachelor would be Jason, and I instantly regretted my decision not to try out.¬† Are you kidding me?¬† I was totally in love with Jason (in the same way women are in love with, say, Brad Pitt)!!¬† So, I tuned into The Bachelor this season, just to allow my eyes to feast on the yumminess that was Jason.

And each episode, I became a little more disenchanted with him.¬† Because I thought he was a little too nice.¬† Because I thought he was a bit…dim.¬† I realized that he and I would never have connected, because our personalities would not have done well together.

But I kept watching.¬† I’m not sure why.

So, last night, in case you don’t watch and are completely unaware of the hoopla this has become, Jason chose between the final two women, Melissa and Molly.¬† I was (and am) a Melissa fan.¬† I never really cared for Molly, especially after her little “overnight” date with Jason.¬† (She ended up spending the night with him in a tent, and from inside the tent you could hear….noises…..and the next morning she goes back to the house in his clothes (what, she couldn’t find her own clothes?) and starts talking about how tired she is and how they didn’t get any sleep….and she’s telling the other girls this!¬† Now, as a girl, I can tell you – she did it on purpose, a way to make them jealous and make it seem like they have…a specialconnection.¬† Ack.)

Last night, on the finale, Jason chose Melissa.¬† After DeAnna came back and told him he still had a chance with her.¬† (What???¬† How about, “Do I still have a chance with you?”)¬† She said she had the choice between the guy who had it all (Jason) and The Wildcard (Jesse) and she chose The Wildcard.¬† (BTW, she and Jesse have now broken up.)¬† She tells him not to follow his heart, but to “lead his heart.”¬† Now, anyone who has watched the show knows that Melissa is “the one who has it all” and Molly is “The Wildcard.”¬† Do you think DeAnna helped or hindered?¬† I think she was looking to make it 20 minutes of fame, but I digress…

So, Jason chooses Melissa in the finale.¬† Then, in the After The Rose Special (filmed 6 weeks after The Finale), he breaks up with Melissa ON CAMERA because “things have changed” and “it’s not the same” and “the connection just isn’t there anymore” and “he still has feelings for Molly” and he doesn’t feel that he and Melissa “have a connection.”¬† Melissa is (understandably) upset, telling him that he hasn’t fought for their relationship, he’s just given up.¬† She calls him “a bastard,” which, IMO, is completely justified, and she gives the ring back (I’m yelling at the TV that she should totally keep it and sell it, but, whatever).¬† Then, Molly comes out, and he asks if he can have another chance.¬† I’m hoping to God that she tells him to piss off, but she doesn’t (damn it).

A lot of people think Jason is a complete ass for doing this to Melissa.¬† I think he’s an idiot and has been manipulated by the producers throughout this process.¬† I feel very sorry for Melissa, and I still don’t like Molly.

I agree with Melissa that when you’re engaged (and married), you should fight for the relationship.¬† One of the main things about being in a real, honest, serious relationship is that the little things don’t break you up because you are forced to work through them.¬† It’s not like the early stages of dating, where any little thing breaks you up.¬† But….

Of course it’s not the same.¬† You are now in a long-distance relationship, not able to see each other very much, which is difficult on any relationship, whether you’ve been together for 2 months or 2 years.¬† You’ve known each other for two months, and after what would be classified as a “whirl-wind relationship” during which you’ve also been “seriously” dating several other women¬†(if it was normal circumstances, there would have been at least 3 serious relationships going on, and would also, BTW, be classified as cheating) you have become engaged.¬† Now, you are back in the real world, and not going on dates in helicopters in New Zealand.¬† OF COURSE IT’S DIFFERENT!!!¬†¬† WHAT THE HELL DO YOU EXPECT????¬† Jason says he had to open himself up to everyone, because holding back wouldn’t have been honest, which I absolutely agree with.¬† In opening himself up, he fell in love with more than one woman, which is to be expected.

In the previous season (which I didn’t watch), Brad caught a lot of flack for not proposing to either of the final two girls (one of which was DeAnna).¬† But you know what?¬† Why should he?¬† If it’s not there, it’s not there.¬† You shouldn’t be forced to propose to someone simply because you’re “supposed” to.¬† That’s where I think The Bachelor has things all wrong.¬† The Finale shouldn’t come down to a proposal – it should be, “You know what, we really have something, and I’d like to explore it more.”¬† If The Bachelor was smart, they would extend the season to include monthly “check-ins” with the now dating couple and follow their budding relationship – because, after two months, it is, in fact, still budding.

To break it down, I don’t blame the player, I blame the game.¬† It’s no wonder The Bachelor success rate is so low.¬† ¬†

However, I still don’t like Molly.¬† Although, my dislike for her now rivals my dislike for Jason, so maybe it really did work out for the best…

And I will never watch The Bachelor again.¬† (Okay, unless it’s Jillian in The Bachelorette.¬† Because I’ve always said, 25 men competing for one woman brings out the best in them.¬† 25 women competing for one man brings out the worst.)

The Amazing Race – Detour/Roadblock Options

In case I haven’t mentioned it, I love, love, love, love, love The Amazing Race.¬† I’ve always wanted to apply – it’s a little dream of mine.¬† I think my Mom and I would do really well, and I’ve wondered how The Pilot and I would do.¬† He thinks he would do well, because he knows so much about flight plans, etc.¬† But there’s a couple of flight attendants on this season, and they haven’t been doing too well, so I don’t think that would matter too much.

I’m loving this season, because for the most part, there are no teams that grate on my nerves (anymore).¬† The ones I didn’t like are gone, and now I don’t really dislike anyone.¬† And tonight they went to Romania, which is one of my dream places to go.

I’m working on convincing either my mom or The Pilot to apply with me.¬† I’ve got them both at least watching the show now, which is the first hurdle…

Anyway, when I watch each episode, I always pick which detour I would want to do, and who would do the roadblock.¬† Below are the ones I’ve picked for the last¬†3 episodes.¬† A detour is a choice between two options, and you are given a brief description of each option.¬† A roadblock “is a task that only one person can perform,” and each person can only do half of the total roadblocks in the season.¬† You have to make the decision based on the clue (and your surroundings), but you don’t know exactly what you will be doing.

Episode 1 –

  • Roadblock – Who has nerves of steel?¬† If I’m with my mom, Me.¬† If I’m with The Pilot – Him.¬† The person ended up having to bungee jump.
  • No detour on this leg.

Episode 2 –

  • Roadblock – Who’s ready to fly like an eagle?¬† Me.¬† The person ended up having to para-glide.
  • Detour – Balancing Dolly or Austrian Folly.¬† In Balancing Dolly, teams must ride a Segway along a two-mile obstacle course.¬† In Austrian Folly, teams throw pies at a target until they find a pie with a cherry filling.¬† Austrian Folly.¬† (The “target” ended up being the partner’s face.)

Episode 3-

  • Roadblock – Who’s ready to access their¬†Inner Nadia?¬†– Me.¬† The person had to do three gymnast moves – balance beam, parallel bars, and floor exercises.
  • Detour – Gypsy Moves or Vampire Remains.¬† Vampire ALL the way – pretty much before I even heard the details.¬† In Gypsy Moves,¬†teams had to load all of a family’s belongings¬†onto a horse-drawn cart, then unload it at the new encampment.¬† In Vampire Remains, teams had to drag a coffin to a clearing and¬†unlock the coffin and¬†impale a bunch of frames onto stakes.¬†

At current count, I’ve got 2 or 3 roadblocks under my belt, depending on who I’m with.¬† I need to start letting the other person do the roadblocks!¬† (Have I mentioned I’m a bit of a control freak?)