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2010 Effigy

A few years ago my friend Jen introduced us to a new New Year’s Eve custom:  The making of an effigy, things you want to leave behind with the change of the year, and the burning of said effigy.

I am quite proud of my effigy this year.  I used my “Imaginary boyfriend” bumper sticker for the body, cards that The Pilot had given me for arms and legs, and, of course, a picture of him for his head.  Then I filled his body with other things I want to leave behind me (car troubles, sick kitty) and other bad things that happened this year (getting laid off).  There’s a penny I pressed in Tahoe for The Pilot in his hand.  I had a card I had bought him, that’s where the plane comes from. 

I can’t wait to burn this thing. 

See some other great effigies here.

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Christmas 2010

This Christmas was a little…slimmer…than Christmases in the past.  Being unemployed, I had less money to spend on my family and friends.  Hopefully, I made up for it in creativity and thoughtfulness.

I gave three Groupons.  Cheap?  Maybe.  But I gave two friends surfing lessons in Charleston, which I thought would be fun, and I gave my mom a groupon for a canvas print.  So, still thoughtful, hopefully.

I gave my parents “coupons” for food – while I’m in town visiting, I’m making my Mom some tomato basil soup, and my Dad some eclairs.

I also made a lot of gifts this year, and impressed myself with my ingenuity.

I made my sister this necklace:

I made this necklace for East of the West:

I bought several glass icicles and added pretty beads to them:

I made wine charms for my mom:

And little bean bags for my mom:

Merry Christmas to all, and I’m a Crafty B*tch.

You know you want to buy…

Check out this little gift box – isn’t it adorable? You can buy one for only $3.50 (plus s&h) on my etsy shop:

Like the idea, but want something just a little different? I can do different sizes, different colors, different designs…. So if you’re interested, just let me know, and we can discuss options!

Looking for a great Christmas gift for kids?  Check out PlayKitchens!  Granted, they won’t fit in my little gift box…

I’m better with nature…

I’m having serious photo issues.  I keep trying to take pictures of items to post online, and they just don’t turn out looking too great.  The problem is, I don’t get enough bright, natural sunlight in my condo to take decent pictures without a flash.  And when the flash goes off, it reflects off what I’m trying to take a picture of.  I thought I had found a solution to the problem.  I made a light box, and the pictures seemed to look okay on my camera.  But then I downloaded them, and they’re not so great.
Light Box on the cheap
Light Box on the cheap

The light box is a cardboard box with the two sides and the top cut out, white tissue paper taped over the holes, and white posterboard on the bottom and back.  Put lamps all around it, and it provides “good light” for photos.

Notecards in Light box
Notecards in Light box

Is it just me, or does it look really grainy?  They are pastel pink notecards with turquoise stamps.  Can’t really tell the pink part so well, huh?

The same cards, taken outside, in the shade:
Japanese notecards outside, in shade
I don’t know what to do to take good pictures!!  I’m at my wit’s end.  Any ideas?

I’m Crafty

I made cards today.  I think they turned out pretty darn cute, actually.  What do you think?

Pinwheels, set of 4

Pinwheels, set of 4


Rock On, set of 4

Rock On, set of 4

Flower (actually, the card is white, I just didn't have the flash on)

Flower (actually, the card is white, I just didn't have the flash on)