Back to Reality

After six months of being unemployed, I have a job.  It’s not perfect – I’m basically a contractor – but it’s got its plusses.

It’s a job with a large, well-known, global, Fortune 500 company (one of the top 100 companies to work for).  People have left jobs with benefits to work for the company as a contractor, without benefits, for the chance to get their foot in the door.  It’s that big a deal.

I admit, I was quite hesitant at first.  Yes, it’s a foot in the door, but the pay was much less than what I was expecting, and it’s a contract position.  So, I might be unemployed again in a year, and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to collect unemployment at that point.  And, of course, no benefits, which sucks.  But…it’s a job.  At least, that’s what  people keep telling me.  I’m trying to be optimistic.

I just finished up my second week, and I feel like I’m catching on.  I think my last job provided a good base for what I’ll be doing.  I’m comfortable with the ideas behind the job requisites, although some of the terminology still eludes me.  But each company has its own language dictionary.  I’m ready to jump in with both feet, if they’ll let me, and so far they have.

It’s funny what sticks with you.  When I sit down at my computer to log in, I automatically start typing my old password from seven months ago.  I’m putting everything in terms of what I know (this role at this company is like that role at that company), which I’m not sure is a good or bad thing.  It helps me understand it better, but maybe it’s the wrong understanding.  I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

Getting up at 6AM again hasn’t been too difficult – in fact, it’s been surprisingly easy.  Surprising because while unemployed, regardless of how hard I tried, it was impossible to force myself out of bed before 9AM.

Finding time to do my own thing, however, has so far been surprisingly difficult.  Not sure why I’m so surprised by it, but I am.  Obviously, I don’t have as much time to work out, read blogs, watch TV… I had no idea there were tornados in Alabama until 2 days after the fact, and I’ve barely even caught of glimpse of Kate’s dress.  I’ve been doing the bare minimum on my smartphone, keeping up with email, some blogs, and facebook.  Not sure what that says about me…  (I have now downloaded the CNN app, so hopefully I can stay a little more up to date on the news. Of course, the new beau has also gotten me addicted to Stupid Zombies, so I’m not sure I’ll get much news reading done…))

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