First Kiss Awkwardness

Lipstick used to make a symbolic kiss.

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I met this guy for a first date a few weeks ago.  We had a great time – he was really funny, sweet, and we got along really well.  “I’d like to do this again,” he said.  Absolutely.  We parted in the parking lot with a hug, which is how I like to end a first date.

Second date.  Gosh, I can’t remember where we went!  But it was the same as the first – lots of fun, good conversation.  We parted with a hug.  Which was…fine.  Did I want a kiss?  Yes.  Did I care all that much that I didn’t get one? No.  But it would have been nice.

Third date:  we were meeting for a sushi lunch…at a restaurant that I always forget is closed for lunch on Sunday.  We decided to find another place to go, and I offered to drive.  We had lunch – it was great, the same as the other two, fun, great conversation.  As I drove him back to his car, I realized I had just made the opportunity for a kiss nearly impossible.  Do I get out of the car so we could kiss?  That seems weird.  Or do I forget the option of a kiss this go around, on our 3rd date?  That would really push my limit.  Or, worst of all, would we do an “across the console” kiss, which I knew would be completely awkward and unsatisfactory?

“I’d like to do this again,” he said.  Absolutely.  He leaned across the console.  I puckered up, then realized he was going to only hug me.  Then he realized I was going to kiss him, so he turned his head so our lips met.  In a very, very unsatisfying and awkward kiss.

Fourth date:  we finally got to eat sushi.  Another great time, same as the other three dates.  He walked me out to my car, and I was excited to finally get a good kiss.  It’s been a while for me.  He took my arm, leaned in, and…gave me the very briefest of pecks on the mouth, much like when parents kiss their kids on the lips (which I think is weird, by the way, kissing kids on the lips, but that’s just my opinion).  I got in my car, drove away, and wondered what the heck had just happened.

March 1st rolled around.  My match subscription was up, and I was done.  D-U-N-done.  I hid my profile, resolutely deciding I was done with online dating.  If I was meant to meet a man, I would do it the old fashioned way.

The next day I signed up for OKCupid.  I’m such a glutton for punishment.  (More on that later.)

Two days later I got an email from that guy, the fourth date peck guy.  Paraphrasing:  “It was nice meeting you, but I don’t think we’re right for each other.  Have a nice life.”

8 responses to “First Kiss Awkwardness

  1. Well, it’s funny that I’ve been writing a response to another recent post of yours when this comes in, as both of your entries remind me of a dialog from when I first started reading (and commenting on) your blog, and the subject of The Shoop Shoop Song came up. In fact, I had to play the YouTube video link you’d posted, because that song is just so damn catchy.

    Yes, sometimes, “it’s in his kiss.”

    I’m glad you found someone you felt good about. This is great! Yes, I realize it’ll be better when you find someone you feel good about who feels good about you, too, but this is still a great step. You’ve already found many guys who feel good about you. Now you’ve discovered you can feel good about a new guy. The trick now is to find both with the same guy.

    And you will.

    Shoop, shoop.

    • delightfuleccentric

      “Now you’ve discovered you can feel good about a new guy.”

      *Snort* Stay tuned. 😉

  2. WheresMyHalo

    Giving someone just a peck on the lips on the 4th date is crazy! Awkward!

    But it ain’t your fault! He was the one saying let’s do this again, and continuing to see you, even though it seems like he’d already made up his mind.

    I haven’t even gotten that far yet in my ‘journey’. I know I need to be patient, but in a little over a month, I have only found two guys I was interested in enough to email them, and neither wrote back :/ And I’ve been getting tons of emails from guys that are ‘meh’.

    I got to one afternoon coffee talk thingie, and the guy was very nice and personable, but I just wasn’t feeling attracted to him. It was nice to break the ice though. And maybe Mr. Awkward was kind of like your ice breaker too in a way?

    My divorce will be final in about a week and then I can finally jump on eHarmony and see if there’s better fish in that sea 🙂 It’s kind of crappy they won’t let separated people join, but I guess I understand their reasoning. I can’t remember if you had tried that yet?

    • delightfuleccentric

      I don’t really blame him, I think he was genuinely interested in getting to know me…obviously I just didn’t have what he was looking for, and that’s fine. It was just *awkward*!!

      I automatically say no to anyone who is separated, just because of the possible complications involved. If I’m interested after they’ve emailed me, I usually tell them to check back after the divorce is final. I just don’t want to be involved in the process. But I understand what you mean about the match journey, as I had the same problems. So much “meh,” little response to emails, and lots of sloshing through the muck of coffee dates and drink dates to find someone you feel some chemistry with. I have tried eHarmony before. I have a couple of posts coming up that you may be interested in…stay tuned!!

  3. And this is why I usually kiss on the first date. No more, I am not stupid. 😉 Playing it chaste and safe I have found to be a waste of time. Perhaps I am still reeling form a cold marriage, but I want to know if there is any chemistry up front.
    I have foudn little luck on OKCupid can be promising.

    • delightfuleccentric

      My friend geauxgirl thinks I should go around kissing men until I find one I click with and go from there. Sounds like a good way to get Herpes to me! 🙂
      But yeah, I’ve been in that situation before where you think things are going great, you’re getting along great, and then you kiss and it all just fizzles. That wasn’t so much the problem with this guy, because we barely even kissed – it was more like, Things are going great and that’s *it*? Like he didn’t even want to try.

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