Now THIS is how you write a email

As a followup to a crappy email I got the other day (be sure to read the comments for the full story on that one), I received a FABULOUS email yesterday.

I initiated contact with this guy by sending him an email.  His profile made me laugh about 5 times, not in a slapstick way, just in a goofball way.  I thought it was cute.  So my email to him went a little something like this (paraphrased, trying to protect a little anonymity):

“Thanks for making me laugh, so refreshing!  Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be a good teammate in [sport he mentioned in profile], but hiking, eating, and going to the beach I can do.  Tell you what – you teach me how to play [sport] and I can teach you how to [do something I can do] – how does that sound?

“Where did you do [action mentioned in his profile]?  I’m trying to think of the places I know and can’t figure out how you did it. I do [that action] occasionally myself, in fact I did it last year at [Festival].  My friends were very impressed.”

His return email was PERFECT, or as near as you can get:

“Thanks for emailing me.  Thanks for emailing me.  I know, I said that twice, the first time I was just saying thanks, the second time was after I read your profile and saw how much we had in common. ” (how cute is that?!)

He went on to address the questions in my email, responded to 5 different comments I made in my email about myself, and commented on 3 different things from my profile.

Now THAT is a good email.  I have no doubt that he read my profile and is interested in getting to know me further.

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