Change is in the air

I’ve moved around a lot.  A lot.  People often think I was a military brat, but I’m not.  I went to three different elementary schools.  Two different middle schools.  And I changed high schools three times.

Of course, after high school, you tend to change addresses a lot, first in college, then changing apartments at the end of each yearly lease.

All of this boils down to this:  at 5 years, this is the longest I’ve ever lived at one address.  And at 6 1/2 years, I think I’ve surpassed the longest I’ve ever lived in one city.

Moving around so much in high school left it’s mark on me, I think.  I tend to get a little itchy at the year mark someplace, and feel it’s time for a change.  I’ve been itchy more times than I can count in the last 5-6 years.  But I’ve held on, for whatever reason.  Maybe because, since I own my condo, it’s a little more difficult to leave than if I was just in an apartment lease.

Regardless, I can’t help but wonder if this layoff isn’t a good reason to move on again.  Get the hell out of dodge.  Start fresh, without some of the bad memories this town holds.

But what about the good memories?  The good friends?

Overall, I like it here, but I still get a little…claustrophobic at times.  And, yeah, I’m itchy.

Atlanta skyline from the Intercontinental Hote...

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Last night, I had a dream that I was visiting Atlanta.  And I was looking at the night skyline and I had this yearning to live there.

This isn’t the first time I’ve considered Atlanta.  I used to swear I would never live there, then I visited.  And I liked the busyness of it, the bigness.  When I got laid off, I said I was going to try to stay in town, but after the first of the year I was going to expand to a few choice cities – Raleigh, DC, Dallas, Atlanta.

Well, it’s after the first of the year.  And after my dream last night…

I did a job search in Atlanta this morning, and The Perfect Job came up as the first hit.  I applied.

If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.  It doesn’t mean I’m going to stop looking locally, but…well, I’m leaving it up to fate.

2 responses to “Change is in the air

  1. Pfft. You just want to live closer to Popeye’s. 🙂

    • delightfuleccentric

      Hey, that’s a perfectly valid reason, and you know it! Although, I can think of one Popeye’s I will never go to… ;-P