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I had already decided to do National Novel Writing Month again this year, and had specifically taken the first week of November off and booked a trip to the beach in an attempt to get a jump on my word count.

(We interrupt this irregularly scheduled blogpost to explain.  NaNoWriMo challenges people to suck it up and finally write that book they’ve always said they would one day write…but you have to do it in 30 days, and it has to be at least 50,000 words.  It’s all about getting the story out of you and onto paper.  You can’t take the time to edit yourself during this time, because there isn’t enough time.  Just get it out and fix it later.  Now, back to our blog-)

Then I got laid off.  And I thought, “Great!  Now I have no excuses!  This will be my ‘job’ for the time being.”

Well, the time at the beach didn’t give me a good jump.  I had hoped to get around 20,000 words done in that week, so I could do less when I had less time.  I think I came home from the beach with about 5,000 words.  A good part of that failure was probably the mentality that I would have more time on my hands now, so didn’t have to get as much done in that week.   

In the time since, I have also not done fabulously well.  I’m at about 21,000 word right now.  Which means I need to bust out 3,000-4,000 words a day for the remainder of the month. 


I did finally figure out the best way for me to write, though. 

  • I prefer headphones and music I don’t know very well, because if I know it too well I start singing along.  Ever try to write fiction while singing someone else’s words?  Yeah, not easy.  Also, the headphones help block out all other noise and thoughts.  Works pretty well.
  • I’ve learned to split up the words.  A thousand words in the morning.  Get up, do a few things, think on the scene, sit down a few hours later, do another thousand.  Get up, do a few things…  So far most of my scenes have been right around a thousand words, so it’s working out well.
  • I was introduced to Scrivener.  And it is…the coolest thing I never knew I was missing.  It’s evidently a Mac program, but they’ve come up with Scrivener for Windows, currently in beta.  I love it, and it’s so much easier to write in it than in Word, when when you’re writing 50,000 words, at least.  Scrivener for Windows is being released early next year, and they’re offering anyone who completes NaNoWriMo a 50% discount.  So, that’s definitely incentive.

Okay.  I’m 1500 words in today, have stopped to do a blog post, and now I’m going to go shower.  I’m planning on going for a run, then more writing.  Then dinner with the Fam, and more writing.  And hopefully I can hit my goal.

Anyone else doing NaNo?  What’s your word count?  Any words of wisdom or writing recommendations?

2 responses to “Must…write…more…

  1. Doing NaNoWriMo too. Going crazy. But on schedule. Good luck!

    • delightfuleccentric

      I’m still behind, and losing hope! I’ve got to kick it into gear….
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Good luck to you!