I haven’t been able to sleep.  Sunday night, couldn’t sleep.  Monday night, awake until at least 3am.  Tonight (Tuesday night) I was super sleepy and went to bed at 10, only to wake up at 12:30.  Wide awake, despite reading an incredibly boring book. 

What sucks is that I’m so tired.  My eyelids are droopy, my mind is tired, I just can’t seem to actually fall asleep. 

Stress?  Maybe.  I don’t really feel stressed, but you don’t have to feel it to be it.  I’ve had trouble sleeping 5 nights out of the last 8.  So, yeah, there’s a correlation.

I’ve tried watching TV – CNN, The Weather Channel, old episodes of Cheers.  I’ve tried reading.  I’ve tried soy milk – I refuse to heat it, that’s just gross.  I’ve tried mind-relaxing techniques (counting sheep, so to speak).  I don’t know what else to try. 

Anyone have any ideas?  Please share!


4 responses to “4:40am

  1. So, this guy goes to the doctor and says, “Doctor, I just can’t sleep. And when I do sleep, I have these terrible dreams. Like sometimes, I’m a tee-pee. And other times, I’m a wigwam. Then I’m a tee-pee. Then I’m a wigwam.”

    “Relax,” says the doctor. “You’re two tents.”

    • delightfuleccentric

      I had to read that out loud four times before I got it. That’s how tired I was!

      I finally got to sleep about 6, while watching CNN coverage of the mine rescue, and I dreamed of…rescuing miners. Slept until 11. My sleep cycle is jacked up.

  2. I gots somethin’ for ya. Even if you don’t sleep, it’ll help your brain get the uber-relaxed wave pattern going for a bit. (Are those alpha, or delta waves? I forget….)

  3. There are relaxation/sleep CDs that have worked for me. Sadly I loaned mine to someone who lost it or I would give it to you.