What I’ve learned so far about unemployment

  1. “What am I going to wear today?” takes on an entirely different meaning.  (Short yoga pant?  Long yoga pants?  Or am I sticking to pajamas today?)
  2. You very quickly lose track of what day of the week it it.  (Is it Friday?  Thursday?  Saturday?)
  3. Your severance package gets taxed as a bonus.  (How jacked up is that?!)
  4. Doing stuff around the house all day, barefoot, actually kind of makes your feet feel a little bruised.   (Note to self:  wear shoes.)
  5. Not having to go to work is pretty nice.  (If only there wasn’t that pesky little “No Income” issue…)
  6. The guilt felt for leaving your desk in complete disarray lasts for approximately…3 seconds.  (Still wish I had thought to delete a couple of highly important emails…)
  7. You fight the urge to turn the TV on for company because you worry about how much your power bill will go up if you have the TV on every day.  (And you’re more diligent about turning off lights…and not using the a/c unless you’re sweating…)
  8. Then you realize you can finally listen to all the NPR you want, streaming on the internet (since you don’t have a home stereo…).
  9. Not working does not exclude you from acquiring stress headaches.  (Duh.)
  10. Even though you’ve sworn not to think about it until next week…(well, you know that’s impossible!)

One response to “What I’ve learned so far about unemployment

  1. you know what i learned today? you can claim unemployment even if you quit, as long as you show you made an effort to stay with the company. i might have to try that one out. 😉
    i say enjoy it for a few weeks before you let the stress sink in.