“I’m Sorry” (via DelightfulEccentric)

After an interesting conversation last night, I felt the need to repost this. I still feel the same way. Sometimes people think that the window of opportunity for those words is finite, and the window is closed. To quote the TV show Mad About You: “Break the window.” Or, to paraphrase another saying, “When one window closes, another one opens.”

"I'm Sorry" Almost every weekend, I find something on postsecret that I want to blog about.  Maybe I'll make it a thing. "I wish 'I'm sorry' was enough but we all know it's not." It may not be enough, but it's a start.  Sometimes it needs to be said.  Sometimes it needs to be heard.  Sometimes, they're just words.  But they're better said than not said. They're better heard than not heard. … Read More

via DelightfulEccentric

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