Week. From. Hell.

Man, this week was nuts.  I guess I shouldn’t say it was the week from hell, because it wasn’t bad,  it was just busy

  • Monday night – French class
  • Tuesday night – date (incredibly cute, incredibly dull man – I won’t bore you with the details)
  • Wednesday night – Cooking club
  • Thursday night – a happy Becoming an American wine celebration with my Swedish friend
  • Friday night – was so looking to going home and relaxing, but was at work until 6:30, then ran home to do laundry
  • Saturday morning – self-defense class
  • Saturday night – LSU game-watching (and FABulous Lady Gaga Wannabe watching) uptown

Tomorrow, boat, followed by date.  Monday night french class again, Wednesday night I have…something…and I’ve promised a date to a guy either Tuesday or Thursday, not sure which yet.

Did I mention I’m tired as HELL?!

Do you remember that show Out of this World?  The girl’s father was an alien (like, from outer space), and she had the ability to stop time. 

I wish I had that ability.  I’ve always said that if I had a superpower, it would be the ability to control time.  Speed it up when I’m bored at work, slow it down when I’m having a good time, and stop it whenever I need to.  Like when the alarm goes off in the morning and I feel like I’ve barely slept. 

So that’s why I haven’t posted in a while.  And why it might be a few more days before I can post.  Just in case you were worried about me. 😉

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