Friday FunDay

A compilation of a few emails I’ve had recently:


I told you I’ve been emailing that guy at work, and we’ve written some long, in depth emails. We were talking about the beach, and he said: “There’s something about being at the beach in the winter, barefoot and in blue jeans, and not seeing anyone almost as far as the eye can see in either direction. Especially when it’s a little windy. Being by the sea can make you feel so connected and so separated all at once, if that makes sense….When you’re alone at the beach, I think it feels like that part of the world is just for you – like, no one else is experiencing that part of the sea at that particular moment. Everything from one horizon to the other, and everything in between. I love that feeling.”

Damn if he didn’t hit the nail on the head. I had to write it down somewhere, because it’s perfect. “You feel so connected and so separated all at once.” Beautiful.


My lovely friends and I had another great, humorous email chain going this week. It started off with a serious discussion about kids and entitlement, and then it went somewhere else, and I said, “Email Hijack!” Someone else attached the wonderful, fabulous, hysterical picture of the bunny with a pancake on his head. I then found out (because my friends are so darn smart) that this bunny’s name is Oolong, and he is famous for balancing things on his head. Evidently there was some controversy over this bunny, with animal rights activists saying that making the bunny balance things on his head was animal cruelty. You know what that means, right? You can no longer teach your dog to sit, shake, or roll over. Because it’s animal cruelty.


The fun email week ended late in the day today with an email conversation with my friend, The Bartender. We were discussing another friend of ours who orders Philly Cheese steaks with no onions and no peppers. I mentioned that I don’t like those things either, which is why I don’t order Philly Cheese steaks, because when you take away a key ingredient, it’s no longer what it was. I gave the example of ordering spaghetti and meatballs, without the meatballs, and hold the tomato sauce. My friend: “It’s like when I order a hot woman with issues, but hold the issues.” Me: “Yes – You’ve just taken away the entire flavor of the dish.” Him: “So what flavor are you?”

My response: “I would say I’m one of those dishes that’s in the comfort food category….like Chicken & Dumplings. Only with a dash or two of cayenne, or maybe chipotle Tabasco, to (although I hate the phrase as used by Emeril) kick it up a notch. Enough to give you a good taste, but not enough to burn your taste buds off, and depending on your tolerance to spicy food, I’ll either suit you just fine or burn your a$$. But if you leave that bit of heat off, the dish is just a little too bland, so you just have to take your chances that it’s the right amount of heat.” (Of course, I also should have added that I might not be enough spice for you…you know, for those guys who just LOVE the crazy girls.)

Have I mentioned lately that I love my friends? They keep me sane at work!

Enjoy your weekend,

Delightful Eccentric

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