Computer Issues

I have 3 laptops at my disposal:  my Acer Netbook, my HP Pavilion, and my work-issued Dell. 

With 3 laptops, you wouldn’t think I would have computer issues.

I love my netbook, but only for its portability.  Good battery, wifi connection, lightweight and small.  It’s perfect for when I’m out and about, or when I’m in the kitchen cooking.

However, the screen size drives me slightly crazy when trying to look at websites – the fact that I have to scroll to see a whole picture?  Grrr.  Also, the keyboard is slightly small, so typing a lot on it is difficult – I almost have to do the 1 Finger Tap Typing. 

My work-issued laptop is great – the right size, good battery, not too heavy.  However, I can’t get onto all the websites I want to (blogs, mostly, and of course Facebook and Match, along with YouTube and a few others are expressly blocked).  I suppose that once I disconnect from our network, I could access these sites, but I don’t even want them to appear in my history.  No need to give them an explicit reason to fire me.

That brings me to my HP laptop.  My 6 year old, huge laptop with zero (and I do mean zero) battery.  If it accidently gets unplugged from the power source, it’s off.  I mean, immediately.  Plus, did I mention it’s 6 years old?  Ancient, which is really quite sad.  But it’s my main computer, it’s the one I use the most often for personal use, and it is easy to use – big, wide screen, normal keyboard, etc.

Big surprise, due to the age of my HP, I think it might be dying on me.  I have Norton Antivirus, which I keep updated.  I run scans.  Over the last couple of weeks, it’s been really, really slow.  I actually threw a temper tantrum the other night over how slow it was moving.  Throwing things and cussing at it and falling to the floor crying temper tantrum. (That wasn’t the only thing bothering me that night, but it was the kicker).  Click on something, and 5 minutes later it might come up.  Counting to ten does nothing to calm my irritation, as it only accentuates how long it’s taking.

Because of this, I haven’t done a whole lot online lately.  I can use Facebook fairly easily on my Acer, so I’ve been able to at least keep up to date on what’s going on with my friends.  But typing out a status update is about the extent of what I want to type on that keyboard.  I’ve barely been on Match, because of the aforementioned need to scroll to see entire pictures.  And, of course, I don’t want to email someone on that tiny keyboard.  I’ve blogged only because I’ve done a couple of blog posts in Word at work, and it’s easy to just copy/paste.  But I haven’t wanted to read any of my normal blogs because of the small screen size.  I don’t feel like I can really appreciate the posts when I can only see three lines at a time.  (Okay, that’s obviously an exaggeration.  I can see more than 3 lines at a time.  But going from a 16” screen (HP) to a 9” screen (Acer) is quite an adjustment, as you can imagine.)

So, I’ve determined it’s time to reload my computer.  I hate this part.  I’ve already backed up everything, now I just get to cross my fingers and hope for the best.

You see, I’ve never done this before.  The last and only time I did it, The Pilot actually did it for me.  I watched, but really, computer stuff is often just a bunch of gibberish to me.  I am terrified of screwing something up.  But, what’s the worst that could happen?  Right?  

Here I go…

3 responses to “Computer Issues

  1. As long as you’ve backed everythign up, you couldn’t break anything that couldn’t be fixed. Call me if you need me.

  2. If all else fails, we could go all Office Space on it like they did on the printer.