Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

Life’s been just truckin’ along lately. I had a long holiday weekend, 4 ½ days, and I wish I could say I did more with it than I did.

Saturday went to Symphony Park for Pops in the Park and Fireworks after. After fireworks, we decided to let the traffic die down, and went into a nearby bar that I heard had cheap ($3) margaritas. “Do you want a double?” asked the bartender. “It’s just a dollar more.” Sure, why not! I wasn’t driving! 🙂  Wowza, that was a strong margarita. And when the bill came, I liked the margarita even more, because instead of $4 (which I expected), the margarita was $2! The double! So the regular? Yep, $1. I’m so totally going back to that place.

Sunday: Pool party, good company. The Boys played with fireworks, but no one was hurt, and nothing caught on fire, so…success.

Monday: Lake, more good company. We just floated around for several hours, watched the sunset, then cruised on back.

Tuesday I had plans to get up, work out, run to CostCo, do some cleaning, maybe lay out at the pool for a little bit, get some reading done. Well….I got up. And I read. But everything else fell to the wayside. I did start to work out, but then wasn’t feeling it, so stopped. Read instead. Then took a nap. Reading is strenuous, and I’m totally out of practice.

Finally got moving around about 6pm, and at 7, the power went out. Around 8, I went for a walk around the neighborhood, still no power when I got home. Played solitaire on the computer, read by flashlight. Power finally came back on at 10, just in time to go to bed. Which I didn’t do – I ended up staying up until about midnight. Can’t let that power go to waste!

How was your holiday weekend?

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