Scars: A Followup (postsecret of the week)

courtesy of postsecret


This postcard jumped out at me today, as an odd, serendipitous followup to my post on scars (found here). 

With emotional scars, as with physical scars, they are evidence that we survived, even though, at times, we thought we wouldn’t.

We are stronger than we think we are.  The fact that we have scars, emotional and physical, is proof of that.

One response to “Scars: A Followup (postsecret of the week)

  1. The damage to my knee that resulted in my recent surgery… well, let’s just say that it hasn’t been lost on me as a metaphor for my impending divorce. (Notice how I used a simile in reference to a metaphor. I find that similes stick out like a sort thumb, don’t you?)

    The theory, of course, is that my knee will eventually be actually stronger and better than what was there before the initial injury. Assuming I follow my physical therapy regimen, which I’m told is very painful. Is it too much to ask that the same be true of my heart? And just how painful must the rehab be?

    Oh, and however excellent my knee is supposedly going to be, it will also sport a few permanent scars. I’m thinking of your prior post, Dee. Chicks dig scars, eh?

    I suppose, extending the metaphor, that no matter how excellent my heart may eventually be, this whole marriage and divorce thing is going to leave a mark of some kind, too.