Dating Update

Jersey – Nice guy. But a little strange. My profile states that I’m out on the lake as often as possible in the summer, and there’s a picture of me wakesurfing behind the boat. On our date, I mentioned something about going out to the lake, and he said, “Wait, so you actually get in the lake? You mean, where it’s deep and you can’t touch the bottom?” I wasn’t really sure if he was being serious or yanking my chain. “Um…yeah.” “I didn’t think people actually got in the lake, I thought you just stayed in the boat. Can’t you drown?” “Well, yeah, if you can’t swim.” “So you’d be okay swimming out in the middle of the ocean, where it’s really deep and you can’t reach the bottom?” “Well, yeah, as long as there’s a boat around.” Very weird conversation. Oh, and we went to a Mexican restaurant, and he ordered a beer, because margaritas are “girly drinks.” “My dad drinks margaritas.” He just gave me this look that made me think he thought my dad was girly. Which he most certainly is not.

Trip – I had high hopes on this one. It had all the trappings of “Destiny,” in that he would be the third man I dated with that name, I happened to be in line in front of friends of friends of his, and it just seemed…meant to be. After texting for about a week and a half, he finally asked me out, and we met for a drink. And had a good time. And then he would randomly text me, and after about a week and a half of that, it just stopped. Which I was fine with. It’s hard to get excited about someone who doesn’t try hard. And then….As I’m writing this, he texts me to let me know that he’s accepted a new job. It’s been two weeks from our last communication. To steal a line from The Single Filez, “Cue WTF face.”

Sandbar – This guy and I seemed to have a lot in common, based on profiles and first email. Then he said he normally hangs out at the Sandbar on the lake. Let me explain the Sandbar. It’s certainly fun to go to once or twice a year, for the pure entertainment factor. But as a rule, it’s not a place my friends and I hang out. On the busiest days, there will be 40-50 boats tied up in a row, four rows deep, plus your onesy-twosy tie ups. Generally, the demographic trends young, mostly people in their 20’s, frat guys and drunken girls and older men (30s, 40s, 50s, 60s) trying to be young again and hook up with one of these young drunken girls. The cops love this place, because they can count issuing tickets to about 80% of the boats for one reason or another. It is one big frat party on water. Not my scene. So the fact that this guy hung out there fairly often was not a check on the plus column. Regardless, a couple of emails, I gave him my number, and never heard from him. And I’m okay with that.

A lot of random emails and lack of communication recently – one guy emailed me that he had gotten my email but was too tired to respond, so he would write me “tomorrow.”  He never did.  I think it had a lot to do with Memorial Day, everyone being busy, then you figure too much time has passed since the last communication and it just gets dropped.

Now, on to the possibility of Good Times with a possibly Good Guy.  Because I know that’s what you’ve all been waiting for.  🙂

Sly – as in Sly and the Family Stone. I was at my friends house one night, and I said, “You want to look at boys?” So we put in some search parameters and started trolling. “Hey, I know that guy!” She ended up tracking him down at work one day and telling him that he and I needed to go on a date.

And the rest, I’m going to save for another post.  Because we did go out on a date, and that’s a story in and of itself.  And because I have some thoughts on him, and “us,” that I want to explore further, deeper, and really, this blog post is just fluff.  And because, well, I’m a tease. 😉

2 responses to “Dating Update

  1. TheSingleFilez

    Ha! We *still* have to wait for another post to find out about Good Times with a possibly Good Guy? You big tease.

    I love that I got quoted in here! Thank you. Sometimes, just sometimes, there’s nothing else for it but a WTF face. I despair of the guys on these dating sites, I tell ya.

    Lake? boats? Where is it that you live? I’m just curious….

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