Busy Girl

I’ve had a busy week.  The second week of the month is generally pretty busy with me, with 2 of 3 of my “clubs” normally falling in the second week.  This week, all three of them were this week.  Cooking club Monday night, Dinner Club Wednesday night, and Book Club (ha!) Thursday night.  I was able to get on the treadmill on Tuesday night, and ended up kind of spacing out watching Hulu and spent over an hour on the treadmill.  Back on tonight, blogging, trying to catch up on Match and email and facebook and everything else.

Currently watching “100 Greatest Songs of the 90’s” on VH1, a good background soundtrack.  (Wow, was Sugar Ray really the 90’s?)  Walking on the treadmill at 2.7 mph while typing, and will soon crank the incline up (but not the speed, as it gets difficult to type above 3 mph).  Once I get done here, I’m looking forward to a super ripe avocado, sliced with some salt and Black & Red sprinkled on it.  Then, my big decisions include (a) which Netflix movie I’m going to stream, and (b) whether to make veggies and pasta for dinner (really must use the veggies before they go bad) or leftover Chinese food (again, must be eaten before it goes bad).  Decisions, decisions.

THEN, I’m going to have a lemon bar and a sugar cookie, leftover from Book Club last night.  Yum. 

So, yeah, that’s my life right now.  Dating update to come soon – some good stories in there, as well as the possibility of Good Times with a possibly Good Guy.  We shall see. 

If I don’t see you before then, have a wonderful weekend.

2 responses to “Busy Girl

  1. !!!!!!!! (tease)

  2. TheSingleFilez

    The possibility of Good Times with a possibly Good Guy? C’mon now, you can’t say that and just leave us hanging. Get typing girlie!