Blog Twins

Ever since izziedarling commented on my blog and I started following her, I’ve loved her.  I can hear her voice in my head, even though I’ve never met her.  But here’s the thing – it’s not her voice I hear, it’s my friend geauxgirl’s.  I would almost believe they were the same person, if I didn’t know better.  Actually, come to think of it…geauxgirl, do you have a second blog that I didn’t know about?  Nah, you’re too damn busy.

Read this. Then read this.  Then tell me they don’t sound alike.

I would love to have cocktails with both of them together.

On second thought, that might be a little scary…

2 responses to “Blog Twins

  1. AH! So THAT’s what you were talking about!

    Hmm. Must investigate.

  2. Thanks for the comparison, a compliment for sure. Am up for cocktails any time 🙂 … don’t be scared.