Yes, Ma’am, Thank you, Ma’am

I’ve always heard about women, usually women who are feeling a little perturbed by their advancing years, getting upset about being called “ma’am.”  I was reminded of this today when I read postsecret – “When you call me Ma’am you lose your tip.”

While I don’t really consider myself a Southerner, I’ve still spent enough time in The South to say “y’all” and “ma’am.”  It’s second nature.  Someone gives me something, whether it’s a bag from the drive thru or something off the printer, I say, “thank you, ma’am.”  It doesn’t matter if that woman is 49 or 19.  It has nothing to do with age.  And it has never bothered me when people do the same thing.

Women need to get the f*ck over it, in my opinion.  It has nothing to do with the person saying it thinking you are old, it has to do with showing a modicum of respect, accompanied, most of the time, with the person not knowing your name.  Would it be better if they said, “Hey, YOU!”?


2 responses to “Yes, Ma’am, Thank you, Ma’am

  1. Ma’am is polite. Period. Keep saying it.

  2. OMG, You have no idea how many times I’ve been given evil looks over this. I was raised in the south and I do consider myself to be southern. Where I come from, if you didn’t say ma’am and sir you were considered as being disrespectful. Now that I am 33 it’s just habit. I don’t think I’ll be changing in this lifetime. I still use it when I speak to my parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles/etc. I was told once though by a man much older than I who happened to be from Pennsylvania that when he was young you were considered as being a smartmouth if you used sir and ma’am.