The Pilot’s birthday was yesterday, and I didn’t even realize it.  Maybe I’m even better than I thought I was!

To think, he was so mad at me last year because I was out of town on his birthday (to visit my ailing grandfather).  And he was cheating on me!  He was probably with HER, and yet he had the nerve to act pissed off at ME for not being around! 

He was also HIGHLY pissed off after my post last April 9th – he thought I was referring to him in the “I cannot respect a cheat” definition.  It was actually a direct example from, and I was not calling him a cheater.  Obviously, he read much more into it.  If I had only known…

Hope you had a great birthday, honey.   

3 responses to “Wow!

  1. Good. Glad to hear it.

  2. Married to a pilot. They don’t ALL cheat, but most do. Most are jerks. Most have egos bigger than the universe and beyond. Most lie. Most have odd personalities that sometimes you can’t put a finger on it….til it is too late. I hate his job, how it has affected our family. I hate that I put down my feelings and many women who are dating these jerks defend them and still want to marry them. He has screwed up my life, and became a person I never thought he could become. I truly hate him at times. He makes me sad.

    • delightfuleccentric

      So are you still with him? If it’s so bad, I’d get out. As someone commented on another one of my pilot posts, “I can promise you that this person is not worth the energy it takes to hate him or love him. Anyone who reduces you to tears on a regular basis or has left you in this state isn’t a healthy someone to have in your life. We get this one life, only……go out there and find someone worthy of your energy and tears.”

      It’s pretty good advice. No one should be sad all the time.