My Mama

My mom came in town this weekend to see me.  I know it was because of the complete breakdown I had while on the phone with her last weekend, but I’ll take what I can get.  I was house/dog-sitting for friends this weekend, so it worked out well.  

I picked her up at 8:45 Saturday morning, and we went to have breakfast at Amelie’s.  Then we went out to the Whitewater Center to watch some kayak trials.  Trials for what, I don’t know, but it’s always fun to watch when they host.  We went back to the house to rest up a bit, then had some FABulous sushi at Rusans.  Went back to the house, with a stop at Trader Joe’s for some munchies, to watch The Blindside.  As wonderful as everyone says it is.

Sunday we went out to Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens.  I thought it would be packed, since it was Easter Sunday, but the parking lot was only about a quarter full.  We thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful day surrounded by Spring. 

Pictures of Saturday at the Whitewater Center here, pictures of Sunday at the Botanical Gardens here.

The weekend weather was cooperative, and we had a lovely two days together.

Now I just need to get her out during boat season!!


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