Wilburn Auto Body

If you follow Delightful Year, my year in pictures, you might remember that my driver’s side door handle came off the other day.  It was a cold morning, and the door seal was frozen, so I tugged hard…and the handle came off. 

A co-worker recommended Wilburn Auto Body on South Tryon.  I went up there on Tuesday to get an estimate, and they quoted me $188.40.  I put down a deposit for the part, they were going to get it in and paint it, then call me when they were ready to install it – they said it would for sure be by the end of the week.

I got a call about 1pm today, the part had come in, and the factory had already painted it, which would knock about $35 off the estimate. They were ready to install it right away, but I couldn’t get down there today or tomorrow, so I asked if I could bring it in on Friday.  Instead, the guy came and picked up my car, and brought it back to me about an hour later, with a new door handle. 

Very impressed with this place.  Multiple locations around town, if you are in need.


One response to “Wilburn Auto Body

  1. We took our Jeep there after we were in a sideswipe fender bender. They were great and we were also very impressed. They did a fantastic job blending the paint.

    Glad your handle is fixed!