Not Heartbroken

My heart is not broken.  It’s really not.  I’m hurt that I was lied to.  I’m disgusted that I was cheated on.  I’m angry that I have no closure.  And I wouldn’t mind it much if I heard his balls got mangled in, say, the People Mover at the airport.  But I am not heartbroken. 

I don’t want him back.  I am so incredibly glad I am not still with him.  And I think that may be why I haven’t really, really cried.  I fight off tears often enough, but it’s really over the anger.  I feel sick to my stomach, but it’s really over the disgust.  My heart does not need to mend.

To that end, I’m starting to date again.

Am I ready, really ready?  Probably not.  But I think it will do me a world of good to get back out there, and it will serve as a reminder (I hope) that there are still good men out there.  It will help me stop dwelling.  Hopefully I can trust again. 

And it may supply you, reader, with a wealth of humor, because trust me, there is some funny stuff out there.

For instance, I got an email from this guy the other day, and he said:  “…feel free to right me, if your smart enough.”

Yes, including the typos, which is what had me laughing so hard I nearly shot water out my nose. 

I don’t mean to make fun of him.  He was very sweet in his email, and English was quite obviously not his first language.  I thanked him for the lovely email, and let him know nicely that I wasn’t interested.  He replied to thank me for replying to him.  Very sweet.


5 responses to “Not Heartbroken

  1. haha your story made me feel a little better about my situation. basically being led on by a bestfriend for about a year? I’m glad that you’re able to laugh it off and move on with such determination, and I really admire you for it. hope all is well!

  2. Good for you to leave a cheating situation. No one deserves to stay in that life. And I believe we all should have our hearts open because if you don’t, the love of your life might pass you by. You will go through ups and downs, but that’s what makes life colorful and makes us strong with experiences.

    And FUNNY about email guy! Poor thing!!! Have fun dating!!!

  3. Glad you’re dating again. 🙂

    Bummed you’re on the opposite coast from me. 😦

    But, feel free to right me if your smart enough!

  4. I saw a book at the library and thought about you. I think it was called something like “Get over him in 30 days”. Might have some good info?

    Looking forward to your funny date/email stories. I know for sure there are some wacky people out there.

  5. Too bad the foreign guy lived in Florida. His email was so sweet, i would probably want to go on a date with him. At least just to make a new friend.
    Good for you for getting back out there – I think dating would be exhausting. I’m much too lazy for it. 🙂